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John LorgeSenior Writer IJune 25, 2009

MEMPHIS, TN - MARCH 29:  Tyler Hansbrough #50 of the North Carolina Tar Heels goes up for a dunk over Blake Griffin #23 of the Oklahoma Sooners in the second half during the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament South Regional Final at the FedExForum on March 29, 2009 in Memphis, Tennessee. The Tar Heels defeated the Sooners 72-60 to advance to the Final Four. (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

It's here.  If you're playing at home here's my mock draft and here's my big board.

I am watching the draft with famed B/R writer PJ Ross.  We have our "Ricky Rubio Queso Dip" and some Mexican themed beers.

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It's on!

4:29 p.m. (PST): In case you didn't know, Dicky V just clued us in that there are a lot of point guards in the draft.

4:32: If you're playing "Streak for the Cash," I like under six on Thabeet to start things off.

4:35: PJ questions if Stern has been drinking before his opening speech.

4:39: Griffin is the top pick (surprise).  I wonder who decided to dress him in King's purple and black?

4:47: It appears David Stern is just entering puberty as he mentions Hasheem Thabeet's name. Hopefully he will grow a few inches too so next year's prospects don't dwarf him as much.

4:55: Harden was the best pick for OKC, sit and wait Rubio.  S4TF should pick 2 or more from the pac 10.

5:07: "I'm Ricky Rubio, I'm not like anybody else", says the T-Wolves newest PG.

5:23: Wow, was Curry was sure pissed to be the 7th pick.  I think his mom had to tell him to go up and accept it.  The Knicks take Hill, extending their 22 year streak of not drafting an All-Star.

5:44: Jennings will do big things for the Bucks, they need an elite one-on-one player.  Congrats to T-Will from the Metro League, Nets are getting a baller.

6:00: Many are down on the Phsyco T pick but I'm a big fan.  The Pacers are close to making the playoffs in the East and this trade puts them one step closer.  I would like to see them trade back in for another pick and get Wayne Ellington or a PG who can hit threes.

6:20: We were joking before the T-Wolves 18th pick that they will draft another PG.  Jokes on us, they have to trade one or two of these guys.

6:45: Back to back Euro picks gives me three S4TC draft picks in a row, taking my streak to seven.  As far as the draft goes Sam Young is still waiting to get drafted and we've been lacking trades.  Hopefully something stokes the fire late in the first round.

6:57: Looks like a trade is coming and Mullens is headed to OKC--is he the next Robert Swift?

7:12: Ellington the fourth and final pick for Minnesota could be the best player the T-Wolves drafted when it's all said and done.

7:29: Eyenga just doesn't seem like he is the player the Cavs need to get to the finals.

7:30: Young had the biggest slip out of the first round.  Summers is another Big East guy waiting to hear his name.  The Kings kickoff the second round with Pendergraph, he should be a very good third post in their rotation.

7:42: Taylor doesn't seem like a great fit need for Washington but they might still be moving this Summer.  I like Cunningham in Portland, both players were on my top 10 sleepers list.

7:52: A very good run of talent to start the second round.  Blair is finally off the board at 37 to the Spurs, giving them a pounding post who can collect a few boards as the team looks to win the 2010 title.

8:01 I had a hunch Jermaine Taylor wasn't staying in DC, he's traded to Houston where he will fill-in for T-Mac, another great second round player for the Rockets.

8:31: Finally the trades are coming through.  As a Seattle guy I love to see Brockman going to Sacramento to play with Hawes and the Kings. But I still like Pendergraph more as a NBA player.

9:03: The Blazers snatched Patrick Mills late in the second.  Mills has to be wondering if he made the right decision with his early entry.  When he first came out he was projected as a fringe first rounder and he could still make an impact for Portland.

9:22:  Well, it's a wrap.  I am a little surprised three Zags went undrafted but that's what happens in the second round.  So many Euro guys get drafted on potential and because they are light on the books.

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