The Bash: The Inevitable Transition

Alex BrooksCorrespondent IJune 23, 2009

The Bash is the summer's version of Backlash for the WWE. It's time burn bridges and cross new ones. The WWE will look to change the outlook of all three brands when the Bash concludes on Sunday. Next Monday, titles will have changed hands and new rivalries will be born out of the ashes.

Melina vs. Michelle McCool - Women's Championship

The divas will come together in what will most likely be the least interesting match at the Bash. This divas match is just a filler for what is a very exciting match card. Michelle McCool will likely win the match because Smackdown currently lacks heel divas which gives Melina nothing to work with if she retains.

Primo and Carlito vs. Legacy - Unified Tag Team Championship

This match could revitalize the WWE's tag team division by giving them something to work with storyline wise. Legacy has a good chance of gaining the tag titles and with the recent uprising of tag teams in the WWE they can defend against more than just Carlito and Primo. The WWE's ideal situation is to have the Hart Dynasty fight Legacy in a battle of the second generation stars. Other possible feuds include the World's Greatest Tag Team, Cryme Tyme, and with a highly unlikely wild card being Hornswoggle and Goldust.

5-Man ECW Championship Scramble Match

Perhaps the most difficult match to predict in the entire pay per view could also prove to be one of the most exciting. Mark Henry was just put in to fill the match, so he will most likely not win the title. Finlay is the favorite to win the ECW title at the Bash, but there is still a good chance that Jack Swagger could be the ECW champion before it's all said and done. Christian and Dreamer will probably systematically eliminate each other,while Swagger will sneak in and score a pin just as time expires. Whoever wins will become public enemy number one on ECW, setting up a Fatal Four-Way match at Night of Champions. However, this could be the last run for Christian on ECW before he ends up on another brand.

Jericho vs. Mysterio - Mask vs. Intercontinental Title Match

This match can be summed up in one sentence. Simply, Mysterio can't lose his mask. The most obvious match at the Bash, only has one question, how will Mysterio win? If the WWE wants to keep the title on Jericho they can easily have him disqualified. If Jericho still has the IC title he can feud with either Edge or John Morrison. The latter being the most likely candidate. However, if Mysterio holds the title when it's all said and done, he can feud with either Edge or maybe a returning Kane.

John Cena vs. The Miz

The Miz could be looking at a push and a huge upset against John Cena at the Bash on Sunday. The Miz has been taunting Cena ever since he was drafted to Raw in April, it's about time that he finally gets a match with Cena. The Big Show is the biggest X-factor for the outcome of the entire match. (No pun intended.) The Miz helped the Big Show Monday, so Show could be looking at returning that favor at the Bash. Show will probably cause a distraction for the Miz to get the pin. An improbable possibility could have the Big Show turn on the Miz and help Cena win the match feeling that he could have beat Cena on his own on monday. But, how can Cena get involved in a title match come time for Night of Champions?

Randy Orton vs. Triple H - WWE Championship 3 Stages of Hell match

Finally, the end of a rivalry that has lasted way past its expiration date. This rivalry has lasted since Royal Rumble and has had its ups and bottomless downs. How many time can Triple H triumphantly return? Look for Orton to retain by pushing Triple across the line on a stretcher in the third stage of hell. Probably with the help of his Legacy partners, Orton will most likely prove to be the victor in this long rivalry. Answering the previous question, this is where Cena will step in as Orton's next challenger for the WWE championship. If Triple H somehow does win, Cena will have to be fit into a triple threat match at Night of Champions.

CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy - World Heavyweight Championship

This will be the best match of the night when the Straightedge Superstar and the Charismatic Enigma collide to create one of the most explosive matches in recent history. This match will decide whether or not Punk will turn full fledged heel. Hardy will will likely lose because his contract expires before Night of Champions. Whether or not Punk turns heel, he will still probably feud with either Jericho, Edge, or Rey Mysterio.

The Bash has many different outcomes, but one thing will always remain the same, nothing will remain the same at its conclusion.