The Winners and Losers of the 2008 NFL Draft

Brian HibbittsContributor IApril 28, 2008

Every draft has its winners and losers and, this year, no one would disagree that the Kansas City Chiefs had the best draft overall. 

They came in looking to rebuild and they have made a great step in the right direction.  Getting rid of Jared Allen and receiving an excellent defensive linemen in Glenn Dorsey is just what they needed.  In the division with running backs like LT in San Diego and now Darren McFadden in Oakland, teams need someone in the middle of the line that can cause a lot of problems. 

They also picked up the best interior lineman in the draft, Branden Albert.  He has the versatility to play guard or tackle in the NFL.  He has the potential to be the best lineman that comes out of this draft. 

In the second round the Chiefs picked up cornerback Brandon Flowers and running back Jamaal Charles.  Both will come in and make immediate impacts.  Flowers will provide the help that they drastically need in their secondary.  In addition, Charles will take a lot of pressure off of Larry Johnson. 

Their need for a wide receiver was addressed by getting Will Franklin and Kevin Robinson. 

Overall I would give them a grade of A-.

I also like what the Washington Redskins were able to do this weekend. 

Their first four picks were meant to help quarterback Jason Campbell—they succeeded. 

They picked up the two best wide receivers in the draft in Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas.  Last year neither of their two starters were over six feet tall.  Now, height shouldn't be a problem.  They also got Campbell a tight end to get the ball to over the middle, something the Redskins didn't have much of last year. 

Later on other problems in the secondary were addressed by drafting cornerback Justin Tryon.  He will probably fill the nickel back slot and should fit well in the Redskins scheme. 

Overall, I give the Redskins a grade of B+.  I look forward to watching them try to compete with the Cowboys.

Lastly, I really liked what the Pittsburgh Steelers did. 

In the first round they got Rashard Mendenhall who will help out Willie Parker in the backfield. 

In the second they got wide receiver Limas Sweed who will add size and strength to the receiver corps.  I think that in the end we might be talking about Sweed being the steal of the draft. 

They also drafted Dennis Dixon, the very talented quarterback from Oregon.  He will be very useful to them and they will probably incorporate him in many different schemes on offense. 

I also give the Steelers a grade of B+. Head coach Mike Tomlin is making a recipe in Pittsburgh that can bring them back to the big show here in the next couple of years. 


All right, now the teams who screwed themselves this year. 

First is the New Orleans Saints. 

I agree that Sedrick Ellis is a good pick that can come in and make a difference, but they could have gotten other players that would help them more. 

Tracy Porter, the cornerback from Indiana, is a big bust.  In Indiana, he showed some good cover skills, but his run support is way below the expectation of cornerbacks in the league now.  They needed a corner but I think they should have done a better job of recruiting. 

The rest of their picks were below average at best.  I give them a grade of C.

Next is the Green Bay Packers.  They did address the quarterback situation by drafting Brian Brohm in the second round, but was it really necessary to draft Matt Flynn the quarterback from LSU? 

I mean, seriously, the loss of Brett Favre is critical but you don't need to waste another pick on a quarterback you know will never make an impact on your team. 

Another pick that upsets me is Jordy Nelson. He is a good receiver, but at that time there were many wide outs that are going to make a bigger impact in the league than him.  Aaron Rodgers needs help, but Nelson is not going to cut it.  

Overall, I give them a C.

The team who I think screwed themselves the most is the Tennessee Titans. 

When you have a quarterback with the talent like Vince Young, in order for him to succeed you need to get him play makers that will help him reach his potential. 

They did the exact opposite of that. 

They drafted running back Chris Johnson who will not have any future as a star running back in the NFL.  The thing that kind of helps out the offense is his return ability, but that's it. 

There was so much they could of got with that pick, but they decided not to get a wide out. Instead, they choose a running back who's only positive is that he runs a 4.24 40 time.

Maybe they were expecting to get Limas Sweed in the second round but in the draft you should know that nothing you want is ever guaranteed.  All in all they just put themselves in the hole more and in the division that they are in, it will be hard to get back into the mix of things. 

Overall, I give them a grade of a D+ and I think that is pretty generous.