When Is It Going to End? The Ongoing Saga of Steriods In Baseball

Sean ConnaireCorrespondent IApril 28, 2008

If you have any knowledge of baseball you would know that baseball is a sport of speed, power, strength, and fun.  If you are a true ball player, you would know that you have to work hard to become the best you could be.  That could mean going out and practicing your skills everyday, our this could mean playing other sports that will build up these needed skills for baseball.  Now when people that are being payed millions of dollars to play a sport, you know that they have to be good. When these players are using an illegal substance to reach this goal, you know they have to be dirt-bags.  This is a list of the famous stars that have used the juice to get ahead.

Barry Bonds- All time home run king ( Juiced for Years )

Mark McGwire- Famous for smacking the long ball ( Caught with the Juice )

Sammy Sosa- McGwire's home run rival ( Steroids, and Corked Bats )

Jason Giambi-  Only respectable responder to the allegations

Gary Sheffield-  Something makes that bat swing fast

The Rocket- Greatest pitcher of all-time being biggest disgrace

Andy Pettitte- The Rocket's boyfriend

Miguel Tejada- Him and Palmeiro were sticking each other

Rick Ankiel- The Comeback Kid ( Pitchers don't do that with the bat )

Paul Lo Duca-  Good old Paulie

Mo Vaughn, Brian Roberts, Paul Byrd, etc.

And Finally  Jose Canseco- The Man behind the Juice, the one who started it all, and the one taking in all of the benifits. He's a gigantic dirt bag.

Steriods are a problem that are never going to end.  Thanks to good old Canseco, the sports of America are now contaminated with a horrible substance, and the kids of America have to grow up with there hereos stabbing themselves in the rear end.