Cincinnati Reds: The Freemasons of Baseball

Illya Harrell@illya_1971Analyst IIJune 18, 2009

SARASOTA, FL - FEBRUARY 18:  Edinson Volquez #36 of the Cincinnati Reds poses for a photo during Spring Training Photo day on February 18, 2009 at the Cincinnati Reds training facility in Sarasota, Florida.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

As hush-hush as your granny's sex life, the Reds' brass continue to keep a tight lid concerning the extent of their key player's injuries.

The fine folks of Reds' country need to face the fiddle.  Joey Votto has vertigo. 

He may try another couple of stints with the big club, but as soon as he needs to travel via the skyway—he will land dizzier than a Friday night frat boy.

Much has been made this week about Votto taking batting practice.  So what?  The cat can hit a baseball.  Tell us something we don't know.  He's now off to Sarasota for a rehab stint.

If the Reds' ownership really wants to prove anything they would have Votto fly on four-days rest to each of their minor league affiliates.

Listen up, Reds faithful:

And remember where you first heard this breaking news.

Edinson Volquez needs Tommy John surgery and will not be back this season.  The good news, he will undergo the procedure and come back stronger next season.  

Yes, Tommy John surgery.  For you naysayers out there that still hold hopes that last year's All-Star will be back on the hill this season, there are things called "wild guesses" and "educated guesses".

For example, "I am going to guess that someday Natalie Portman will fall in love with me."  That is a wild guess because it is based on nothing but the carbon dioxide spewing from the guesser's mouth.

Saying, "I am going to guess that Edinson Volquez will not pitch again in 2009 and will require off-season Tommy John surgery," is an example of an educated guess.  

Why?  It is based on fact, lots of deep thought, soul searching, and seeing his name with those familiar little red "DL" letters beside it on Yahoo fantasy teams.

You may be asking yourself, "What are these so-called facts?"

Fair enough:

a.  He has been overworked.  After the 2008 season ended he pitched Winter League, and then pitched for the Dominican team in the World Baseball Classic.  Other than a six-week rest, that is year round pitching.

b.  After sitting 15-days and then attempting a comeback he threw one inning.  Currently, he has thrown one inning in the last 33-days.

c.  When he left the game after his one inning stint, he complained of numbness in his pitching fingers. 

d.  Numbness is a huge sign of ligament damage.

e.  He is no where even remotely close to returning.  It has been 33-days and the guy is playing flat ground catch from 110 feet.  Normally a guy on the mend plays long-toss from more than 110 feet.  

See?  Educated guess.

But ...

Still it is just a guess.  

So, this season, there is still a possibility that Votto and Volquez will return healthy, happy, and skipping around together.

But if anyone wants to bet on that—it is suggestable that you raise the stakes as high as the house allows.