Why Mourinho Would Take Manchester United Job If Moyes Gets Fired This Summer

Stan CollymoreFeatured ColumnistFebruary 27, 2014

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Cast your minds back to when Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid played Manchester United in the Champions League last season. The game at Old Trafford saw Mourinho send the clearest, most concise message possible to the United board and the fans.

Mourinho was on a charm offensive. He showed the utmost respect to Sir Alex Ferguson and, as per the Mirror, he famously came out and said "the best team lost" after Nani's red card ultimately led to a Madrid victory.

Mourinho also made a point of defending Ferguson's decision to drop Wayne Rooney for the home leg.

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"Sir Alex won the right over the years," he said, as per ESPNFC. "Every decision is correct and should never had a question mark in front. He is the best and he creates an incredible history. You (the press) are nobody, I am nobody to put a question mark."

Over the two legs, Mourinho could not have done more to ingratiate himself with United and press his case for being their next manager. But the job, on Ferguson's command, went to David Moyes.

Mourinho wanted it badly and was badly hurt by the decision. The author Diego Torres, in his book Prepare to Lose, claimed Mourinho was distraught by United's choice and felt "betrayed" by Ferguson—as per Eurosport-Yahoo!

You could see Mourinho's pain in the weeks that followed. But the big question now is whether he'd take the United job if it was offered to him this summer.

There's no way Moyes will be fired before the end of the season. Don't believe the gossip around that, because United still have a chance of getting inside the top four and finishing strongly. What's more, there's nobody on the market right now United would want.

But what if Moyes went in the summer and United sounded out Mourinho about taking over next summer?

I honestly believe, if I interviewed him one-to-one, with a lie detector on—and as the sweat poured off his face—he'd tell me he'd take the United job and leave Chelsea.

Yes, the Chelsea fans would hate him for it. But Mourinho is ultimately, and in the best way possible, selfish. He's a winner and I don't think he could turn down the lure of managing a truly great club. Chelsea are still not in that category—they're not up there with the likes of AC Milan, Barcelona, Liverpool, Real Madrid and United.

Don't forget John Terry almost joined Manchester City. Steven Gerrard came very close to leaving Liverpool for Chelsea. Wayne Rooney almost joined City. These players are all considered club legends, but that didn't stop them giving consideration.

Mourinho loves Chelsea. He's made himself an iconic figure in the club's history and he's worshipped at Stamford Bridge, but I still believe he'd leave this summer if the chance arose to take over from Moyes at Manchester United.

If it happened, I'd expect Mourinho to take control of transfer matters immediately. He'd take this United side and, at the very least, extract the maximum possible from the resources available. Who knows, in a couple of years he might be able to get his old friend Cristiano Ronaldo back at Old Trafford.

I'm not saying it will happen, but if United do decide they want Mourinho, my bet is the Special One would leap at the chance.