Anthony Kim: Hello? Are You Still on Tour?

Adam LawrenceContributor IJune 4, 2009

SAN ANTONIO TX. - MAY 15:  Anthony Kim tees off the par three 3rd during the second round of  the Valero Texas Open held at La Cantera Golf Club on May 15, 2009 in San Antonio, Texas.  (Photo by Marc Feldman/Getty Images)

Anthony Kim.

Oh boy.

The problems I have with Kim are as almost as large as his ridiculous belt buckle which hold "AK," his initials.

First of all Mr. Kim, where the hell have you been this season? You still playing golf?

Let's not forget this is the same man who told Tiger Woods he was "coming for [him]," in a joking matter, and that's gone really well this season, hasn't it?

What he has done is prove why little kids should shut their mouths sometimes.

Let me turn back the clock to the last time someone said anything in association with Tiger Woods: Rory Sabbatini in 2004.

What did he say? He said that he would love to play with Tiger in the WGC Championships because he feels that he could beat him.

And what happened?

Well, I don't need to talk about Tiger's successes, but I can tell you that Sabitini hasn't made any comments towards Tiger since he got crushed by him in the WGC.

Now Sabbatini of course got slammed by critics, mainly because his profile as the Tour's antagonist is a vital asset to the media. ]That's something I thought was unfair given the manner in which he said it.

What about Kim?

Well, he coasted by because not only has the public responded to this young gun, but the media has seen him to be a good, well-balanced rival to Tiger.

So Sabbatini gets slammed and Kim gets praised for having some balls to stick it to Tiger. Am I the first person that has asked how in the world this is possible?

Not only should the media and the golf public be crushing Kim in his disastrous start to this season, but someone also else needs to explain to him that in order to prove yourself you actually have to win.

This is something that Kim has done little of as of late, and what he has been doing is gloating about his Ryder Cup appearance and his talent. I am not one to criticize golfers for their personal lives and the way the conduct themselves of the course, but Kim needs to seriously shape up his game.

I am sick of anyone who calls out Tiger or the number one spot in golf and does absolutely nothing about it. The funny thing is, Kim called out Tiger, and guys like Sabbatini only said they would like to play with Tiger to challenge themselves.

To me, Kim has all the negative stereotypes about golfers: Cocky, arrogant, wealthy (his parents bought him memberships to several PGA Championship courses just so he could scramble out there and play to prepare for matches), and in way over his head.

Kim is 5'10'' and 160 lbs. Not bad for a golfer, and to his credit, he is in terrific shape. That said, this is the same man who thought he could be either a professional basketball or football player.

Give me a break.

If you are that confident about yourself, and feel that you have the God-given ability to achieve whatever you want on tour and in life, you need a reality check.

And here it is.

If Anthony Kim plans on succeeding admirably on the PGA Tour, he better shape up, and he better become focused on actually beating some of the world's best players instead of going along with it like it will just happen.

Enough about what he has said on and off the tour and his problems there. Let's talk about his playing ability.

I can state with clarity that Anthony Kim is one of the most talented golfers to have ever set foot on a course. He is an incredible ball-striker and a phenomenal putter.

But aside from the first tournament of the year, the Mercedes Open, he hasn't done squat on tour this year and basically fallen off the earth in a slump that is in no way comparable to Tiger's. If Tiger, in the minds of some, has fallen, then Kim has taken a tumble down a cliff.

His accuracy needs work and his game needs touching up. He isn't the same player he was a year ago.

Why? Golfers like Kim thrive on intensity, competition, and confidence. When they don't have it, they struggle drastically.

If Kim truly is something special, he will bounce back from this slump and find a way to win within himself, not because of being a hotshot rookie on tour.

Anthony Kim: Good luck pal, you are going to need as much of it as you can get.


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