Can The Orlando Magic Get to the NBA Finals?

Mark ScacewaterAnalyst IApril 22, 2008

Pictured above are the two fellas I think will be squaring off for a chance to represent the East in the NBA Finals. That's right, I'm calling for a Boston upset in Round 2. What I really see happening is a bit of a surprise, but I think the Orlando Magichave the tools and the coach to make a run at the Finals. Assuming they can make it to the Conference Finals, they've already proved they can beat Boston, but here's how I see a Cavs-Magic Finals shaping up.

PG: Delonte West v. Jameer Nelson

Advantage: Tie. The former college teammates have slightly different styles but this would essentially be a toss-up.

SG: Maurice Evans v. Devin Brown/Wally World

Advantage: Evans, defensively and offensively. I think Evans will eat up both of these guys on the defensive end, forcing Brown into some tough shots that D Howard will swallow up.

SF: Rashard Lewis v. LeBron James

Advantage: Lebron, but barely. This is where money speaks. Both players make an obscene amount of dough, and this is Rashard's chance to prove his worth. His height will present problems for LeBron, and Lebronobviously presentes problems for every defense. But the overall advantages for Orlando can make up for this ever-so slight advantage in LeBron's favor.

PF: Hedo v. Ben Wallace

Advantage: Toss up. Hedo will dominate on the offensive end while Big Ben would dominate on the defensive end. They cancel each other out.

C: Dwight Howard v. Z

Advantage: Obviously Howard makes the difference here as his youth and athleticism help the Magic wrap up the series.

Final Prediction:
If this series were to happen, I predict the Magic taking it in 6. LeBron can only carry his team so far, and the Magic have a great mix of youth and veterans. This could be their year...