Padres in Slump: Is Change in the Future?

Olaf BerserkusCorrespondent IApril 21, 2008

The Padres opened a six game set against division opponents Colorado and Arizona on Tuesday April 15th.  Going in to that set, the Padres were 7-6 and second in the NL West, 2 GB of the Diamondbacks.

Today, April 21st, the Padres are 9-10, third in the NL West and 4.5 GB of the D'backs.  The San Diego Padres are officially in a slump, and as this writer foresaw in a previous article, the Padres will not have much luck getting out of it.

Over the past seven days the Padres are batting .169 compared to a .255 average for their opponents.  While we've always known this lineup will never be mistaken for the '27 Yankees, we also never thought they'd be mistaken for a tee-ball team.  Never mind, even tee-ballers can hit the ball.

While the lineup issues aren't a surprise to anyone who knows the San Diego Padres, the pitching issues are.  Over the last 7 days, the Padres have a team ERA of 4.02, overall not that bad, but when you combine it with the 5.10 ERA of the bullpen, it makes it hard for the team to hold a lead even when the starters throw lights out.

Add it all together and you have a recipe for success.  That is if your definition of success is playing like the San Fransisco Giants.  Speaking of the Gigantes (for my bilingual readers out there), the Padres have a four game set with two against the Astros and 2 against that bay area team, starting tonight.  

If the Padres ever had a chance to change their fortunes, these four games are it.  Following these games comes another series against the Diamondbacks who are, unfortunately for the Padres and the rest of the NL West, the best team in baseball.

However, the current trends show the Padres will only continue to frustrate their fans and only thrill once or twice every five days.  At least they have Jake Peavy and Chris Young. 

The team needs a shot in the arm from somewhere.  Could it be in the form of Chase Headley?  That is for the front office to decide, and Padres fans to lament over until it happens.