Should He Stay or Should He Go: The Saga of Chris Douglas-Roberts

Mark ScacewaterAnalyst IApril 21, 2008

While some people probably aren't surprised at the recent news of Chris Douglas-Roberts entering the NBA draft, he would be wise to reconsider. I personally think he was the best player in college basketball this past season. Interestingly enough, many would say the same of Tyler "Psycho T" Hansbrough, but neither is generating much first round buzz in the draft circles. That is why I want to offer CD-R five reasons why he should return to Memphis.

1. Get a Degree - Basketball is never a sure thing, but graduating from college with a degree is a powerful, long-term weapon. Plus, I don't think Coach Cal's graduation rate is burning up the statistics charts so this would be an unexpected boost.

2. Win a Championship - Yes, Memphis will lose Derrick Rose and Joey Dorsey. However with Kemp returning at the PG position, newly signed Tyreke Evans at the 2, CD-R could play the SF position and really improve his all-around game. The Tigers have a 5-star and a 4-star post player already verbally committed, which at the very least would translate into another undefeated Conference USA run. CD-R could put them over the hump and into the national title game again.

3. Individual Award Bonanza - The man already was a 1st Team AP All-American. Why not go for it all? CD-R would be a legit candidate for every conference and postseason award next season.

4. It's Fun - Look at Corey Brewer: Gator extraordinaire, NBA benchwarmer. Sure, he gets spot duty for the lowly T-Wolves, but does the money really make you THAT happy? Can't you wait one more year? Playing for Memphis is fun, period. Just watch the way they play.

5. Improve your Draft Status - Next season will have a much weaker NBA Draft pool. While CD-R may be a late teens pick this season, in 2009 he would be a sure-fire top 10 pick with more money and more commitment by the team to play him. I think another year of seasoning would improve his long-term prospects for the NBA as well.

Unfortunately I think we've seen the last of CD-R in college basketball, but it would be a nice surprise if he did decide to come back and go out on top as a national champion on the court and in the classroom.