Brotherly Love?: Getting To Know Those Classy Phillies Fans

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IApril 20, 2008

Hey, BR readers—you think you've cornered the market on intimidating fan behavior?

Think again.

There's a city here on the east coast that takes the title, hands down.

What is it about Philadelphia fans?

Why are they so negative? Why are so quick to turn to violence? Why must they spew with vitriolic rage at every twist and turn?

It's sad, because there are so many great fans in Philadelphia, which in my opinion, may be the best sports town in America.

But just try to go to a game there and ENJOY it. It's impossible.

The place is overrun with imbeciles fueled by alcohol. I know several Phillies fans my age that love the new stadiums, but abhor the behavior. They say things like, "It's embarrassing," and, "I won't take my kids there again."

And do not wear another team's hat or jersey to a Philadelphia venue. You may as well go to a biker bar and kick over all their're going down.

It's too bad I have to paint you all with the same brush, but unfortunately it must be done. The Phillies fans with an IQ in triple digits need to step up and make an effort to help the majority of their populace down the rest of the evolutionary chart into humanity.

On Friday night, when Mets' Shortstop Jose Reyes was apparently dazed after a collision with the Phils' Chase Utley at second base, his possible injury was met with cheers from the upscale, erudite Philadelphia audience.

What a disgrace. People cheering at an opponent getting injured. What is this, Ancient Rome—a gladiator fight or a chariot race? All that was missing was the emperor giving the thumbs down.

I grew up in Shea Stadium, which is not exactly filled with the same crowds that frequent Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center, so I know how nasty crowd behavior can get.

But we never cheered anyone after they sustained an injury. That's not just classless, its inhumane. We would not cheer if Chase Utley or Ryan Howard or Cole Hamels were injured. We wouldn't even react that way if it was Jimmy Rollins.

The Phillies fans need to get it together. They may be in the pennant race this season, but I'm wondering when they're going to get into that other race: the human race.