Season Summary: San Antonio Spurs

Razi BaradContributor IMay 27, 2009

Season Summary: San Antonio Spurs

The 2008/09 season for the San Antonio Spurs was what we call not good, not bad. The team had a good regular season finishing tied a top the very competitive Southwest division with the Denver Nuggets and Portland Trailblazers, posting a 54-28 record. Not only did that record grant us (me as a fan) a playoff birth, but it also gave us the third seed going into the playoffs, which meant overall, it was a good season.


The playoffs were a really big disappointment for fans, and I’m sure for the franchise as a hole. The Spurs met the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs. A Dallas team that the Spurs share playoff history with, having already shared some great playoff series’ in the past.
The Spurs came into the series shorthanded, being without the services of Manu Ginobili, who is a vital part to the Spurs team. The replacement players couldn't get the job done, and it appeared as though age had caught up to the Spurs. The series consisted of the Mavericks beating the Spurs handedly. The Mavericks went on to win the series in five games (4-1), ending the Spurs season earlier than what was expected.

This year was a real disappointment to the team because of three things :

1. The injuries - this season even more than previous ones before, the Spurs battled injuries to key players, missing them for long periods of time. Tony Parker missed a large number of games to begin the season, and Manu Ginobli played in only 44 games, while missing the playoffs..

2. The age – for the Spurs and their veteran core, age was apparent down the stretch and during their playoff run. Aside from Tony Parker, it appeared as though age had caught up to the Spurs, and had affected their play. It was evident in the likes of Tim Duncan, who showed vulnerability in the playoffs. Duncan gave us an indication that he is aging, as he was unable to will his team to victory, like we’ve become accustom to seeing in the past.
3. The supporting staff - in San Antonio the supporting staff around the trio (Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli) are always an important part in the teams overall success. However, this year the supporting staff was less productive than in any other year.

Thus, for these reasons I think this season wasn't such a disappointment to the franchise.

Finally, this year wasn’t all bad. There were a few bright spots for the Spurs, such as the emergence of Tony Parker as an NBA superstar and the leader of the team.  Also, the development of Mason Jr. who had a solid regular season, while giving fans some excitement with a few great clutch plays. In addition, the development George Hill shows fans that he has a promising future ahead of him. With these pieces already in place, I'm sure that with a few small changes the San Antonio Spurs can get back on track to win the NBA championship once again.