I Cant Wait For College Football!

Frank SwansonContributor IMay 26, 2009

It's May right now and I couldn't be happier. I love baseball and it is in full swing right now, so therefore I am very happy. But, with the summer drawing near, all I can think about is...NCAA Football.

The first games start at the end of August, but it is never too early to rev up the hype machine. 

I'm only 14, so I  haven't really been around too long to see many football seasons. But of the few I have seen, the prospects of this upcoming season seem very exiting.

First off, it is Tim Tebow's last year, and even though I hate him, you know he is going to put up godly numbers no matter what.

Second, the number of contenders involved this year. With Texas, USC, Florida, LSU, Oklahoma, etc., it seems like the BCS will be even more hotly contested than last year.

I really hope that my Iowa Hawkeyes can even be in the mix, but I know that won't happen, so I'm going to root like crazy for the best season ever.

Maybe even a few games with exiting upsets. The best part about knowing there are this many contenders, there will be upsets!

Third, upsets. Just the word makes my stomach tingle. I may not be the average 14-year-old (watch 140 Cubs games a year, every Chiefs game, I, and thunder games, and on a Saturday all I do is football.)

Just waking up on and thinking that there might be an upset is a good enough reason to watch for me.

Iowa Vs. Penn St., USC Vs. Oregon State, were just a few of the great upsets last year.

Lastly, Just the emotional roller coaster. Watching football is the emotional thing I have ever felt (haha) and knowing that for four months in a row I get to have my heart thrown away, beat down, then get a free heart repair, and be treated like a king all in the span of one GAME, even better a season full of greatness.