NBA Playoffs: What's YOUR Favorite Moment?

Andrew PalumboSenior Analyst IApril 18, 2008

The NBA Playoffs are upon us.  The scrubs have been sent home... well, the Western Conference scrubs (and unfortunately the Golden State Warriors joined them).  The first game is yet to be played.

An extremely tight race in the Western Conference has made 2007-08 one of the greatest regular seasons in NBA history.  Meanwhile, the two-team domination of the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons has everyone overlooking possible deep runs by the Orlando Magic and LeBron James' new-look Cleveland Cavaliers. 

One can only assume that such a strong regular season points to an NBA Playoffs that comes only once or twice in a generation.

Before we all begin to break down the current playoffs and the Game 7's and buzzer-beaters that are sure to come, I'd like to take the opportunity to give Bleacher Report writers the chance to highlight some of their favorite moments in the NBA Playoffs.  Feel free to include the NBA Finals, although I will be putting out another interactive "favorite moment" column just before the season finale.

This is the second "favorite moment" series and I'm hoping that it will be as successful as the first article which covered March Madness.  Just like last time, I hope that your comments and memories will drive the material and I will pop-in from time to time with rebuttals or relevant links.

If possible, post a link to a YouTube (or other video host) clip that displays your favorite moment.  Also, since I know it can be hard to narrow your choice to just one moment, please feel free to post early and often. Tell us where you were when it happened, who you were with, what your celebration/misery entailed, etc.

Most importantly, don't forget to tell us what year your favorite moment happened.  This way the younger Bleacher Report readers can educate themselves on some of the game's history and the rest can put the nostalgic moments in their historical context.