The NXT Report for November 6, 2013

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 10, 2013

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After a short hiatus, the NXT Report returns for a look back at a big week of action, headlined by a rematch featuring the recently released Kassius Ohno taking on Wyatt Family member Luke Harper.

Also on tap for this week's show were matches involving NXT Tag Team champions The Ascension, energetic newcomer Mojo Rawley and Leo Kruger.

The debut of a mystery blonde and her subsequent interest in Alexander Rusev has caused a schism between the Bulgarian and manager Sylvester Lefort. Would the Frenchman be able to smooth things over with the one-time Legionnaire or would the still-impressionable Rusev align himself with the beautiful newcomer Lana?

That question would be answered as NXT presented another entertaining episode of its weekly program.

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Full Sail University


Broadcast Team

Tom Phillips, Alex Riley and Renee Young


Match Results

- Luke Harper def. Kassius Ohno

- Mojo Rawley def. Ty Dillinger

- NXT Tag Team champions The Ascension def. Travis Tyler and Troy McClain

- Leo Kruger def. El Local

- Alexander Rusev def. Sylvester Lefort


The main event of this week's show was a hard-hitting, hard-fought match between two former independent standouts as Kassius Ohno took on the Wyatt Family's Luke Harper. Harper dominated the majority of the bout, using his power and size advantage, but Ohno showed great resilience and, by the end of the bout, had several opportunities to score what would have been an upset victory.

It was all for naught, however, as Harper leveled Ohno with a violent clothesline and covered him for the three count.

The loss brings to an end the WWE career of Ohno, who had all of the potential in the world but found himself in trouble with management and saw any hope of a major push or main-roster promotion fizzle out as a result.

The remainder of the show, from an in-ring standpoint, consisted of squash matches in hopes of showcasing certain stars.

The Ascension, Mojo Rawley and Leo Kruger were booked strongly against enhancement talent, though Rawley's opponent Ty Dillinger was actually former WWE Superstar Gavin Spears.


Angle Advancement

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So long, Kassius

On the June 26 episode of NXT, the Wyatt Family assaulted Kassius Ohno and sidelined him with a storyline injury for months.

The October 2 episode saw Ohno make his return to NXT in a losing effort against Harper. In that match, he had very little offense and looked completely mismatched against the dominant big man.

This week, Ohno had the opportunity to both make up for his disappointing performance a month ago and avenge that vicious assault he suffered at the hands of the sadistic and unpredictable Wyatt Family.

He utilized the Roaring Elbow to his advantage on two separate occasions, but it simply was not enough to deter Harper's fury or defeat the massive Superstar.

Harper put a decisive end to Ohno's vendetta against the Wyatt Family, bringing to a close a program that stretched for six months.

UPDATE: Kassius Ohno will appear in three more episodes of NXT, which were taped (Warning: link contains SPOILERS) on October 24.


Targeting Bayley

Summer Rae and Sasha Banks continued their quest to take over NXT this week as they interrupted Bayley and Charlotte in the backstage area.

Summer disingenuously apologized to the lovable Diva for breaking her headband and offered her a new one.

Charlotte, the daughter of the legendarily devious "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, did not buy into the act and verbally confronted both Summer and Sasha.

Summer and Sasha did their best to manipulate Bayley, offering her the chance to join their team. The naive, young lady seemed open to the idea while Charlotte stood by, disgusted by NXT's mean girls.

Later in the evening, it was announced that Bayley will team with Charlotte to take on Summer Rae and Sasha Banks.


Diva dispute

In recent weeks, Paige and Emma have inadvertently struck one another and come out on the losing end of matches as a result.

On this week's show, captured an intense backstage confrontation between them. Paige was especially frustrated and threatened to rip Emma's face off before walking off.

"Yeah, something wrong with that girl," the dancing Diva and leader of the Emmalution proclaimed to end the segment.

Whether the plan is for the two to clash over the NXT Women's Championship or if Summer Rae and Sasha Banks will attempt to swoop in and take advantage of their dissension remains to be seen.

Regardless of what the case may be, NXT continues to successfully develop and execute angles involving female talent in a manner that the creative team for the main roster shows has not been able to in years.


Legionnaire no more 

This week's NXT kicked off with Sylvester Lefort confronting newcomer Lana and wondering aloud why Alexander Rusev dumped him as his representative. She said something in Russian before Lefort scurried away.

Moments later, the beautiful-yet-intimidating blonde accompanied Rusev to the ring for his match with Lefort. Despite his former manager's best attempts to pay him off prior to the bell, the massive Bulgarian star demolished him in a matter of seconds, forcing a tap out via the Accolade (camel clutch).

It was a definitive victory for Rusev and the start of a renewed push with a hot new manager that could go a long way in adding to his already impressive act.


Match of the Week: Kassius Ohno vs. Luke Harper

The Ohno-Harper match wins Match of the Week honors for this week's show almost by default.

With the lack of competitive matches on this episode, the match stands out above others, even if it was somewhat average. Both wrestlers worked hard and delivered a stiff, physical match, but the bout struggled to get out of first gear, and what could have been an above-average main event faltered because of it.


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Star of the Week: Luke Harper

The enforcer of the Wyatt Family continued his very productive week, which saw him compete on Raw, SmackDown, Main Event and NXT, by putting in a very solid performance in his win over Ohno. 



The November 6 episode of NXT was very much a placeholder show that was focused on showcasing some of the more monstrous stars on the roster. That is not necessarily a bad thing as it allows the developmental talent to gain exposure and to look strong heading into what one can assume will be new angles once this current round of tapings wraps up.


On tap

Already announced for next week's show is the aforementioned Divas tag match pitting Bayley and Charlotte against Summer Rae and Sasha Banks, as well as the culmination of the feud between former NXT Tag Team champions Adrian Neville and Corey Graves as they meet in a best 2-out-of-3 Falls match.