Mel Tucker: Changing the Defensive Playbook For Jacksonville

Patsy RiveraCorrespondent IMay 25, 2009

CLEVELAND - 2008:  Mel Tucker of the Cleveland Browns poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Getty Images)

Jacksonville has always had a vision, a plan to succeed, however the personalities between the coaching staff and the team never let the dream become a reality. For all of us who are Jaguar fans, the coming of Mel Tucker couldn't have come sooner.

We all watched in horror as Gregg Williams and Donnie Henderson almost destroyed the team from within. With Williams' plays allowing the "other" teams to take the lead and Henderson’s forceful, if not domineering, style of coaching; it was time for a change.

We watched as the reputation of the defensive team began to falter to the public.

We sat back as the competitions defensive teams ran all over our game.

Well no more!

This year, the Jaguar's defensive playbook will be better then ever under the expert guidance of Mel Tucker. Tucker, while soften spoken, is a man of his word. This is a huge undertaking because with so many personalities and the lack of team cohesion in the past, Tucker has his work cut out for him.

The defensive team needs an overhaul and Tucker, in interviews, has stated he knows there is a lot to be done. Tucker is the third defensive coordinator in the last three seasons. That says a lot.

Will he have staying power? Most thinks so because he has a solid background. As a former defensive coordinator with Cleveland, Tucker helped the Browns' defense finish 26th overall and second in the NFL. With the Jaguars finishing 17th overall last season, Tucker knows the problems that lie ahead.

The plan for the Jaguar’s defensive lineup this season…hit them hard and attack! Del Rio wants the Jaguars to roll right over the other teams and turnovers will be key this season. Tuckers' job is to reshape the playbook for the defensive lineup and bring them back to the mindset they had earlier on in the game…take control and win.

Tucker’s personality and leadership style should mold the team and bring cohesion with players like cornerback Rashean Mathis, who didn’t mesh well under Williams’ former guidance.Mathis is the defensive powerhouse and he needs to play like one. With the help of Mel Tucker, we could see a new playbook for this defensive line. As for the competition the key word is “lookout,” because the Jaguars are planning to take no prisoners this season.