Report: Wrestlers Unhappy with The Corporation Angle?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IOctober 30, 2013

The roster line up on stage on Monday's Raw
The roster line up on stage on Monday's Raw

As The Corporation angle heats up, one report indicates that many wrestlers on the roster are growing increasingly disgruntled over their on-screen treatment.

Dave Meltzer notes in this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter that many wrestlers were dismayed at this week's Raw closing segment, which featured most of the roster lined up on-stage and forced to once again hear from Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Randy Orton about how inept, lazy and undeserving of a spot they are.

As you can imagine, the guys hate those spots like on Raw this week where they all have to stand there like schoolchildren on the stage and get lectured by HHH and Stephanie. Nobody can or does say anything about it. The feeling is everyone on the stage that has to stand there and do nothing while insulted, particularly if you're a face, comes across like a prelim-level guy.

If true, the performers in question are completely right to feel that these segments are killing their credibility and making them look weak in the eyes of the fans.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, the real stars of Raw
Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, the real stars of Raw

Truthfully, hardly anyone—except the McMahons and, to a lesser extent, The Big Show—has gotten over with this new storyline. Daniel Bryan has been jobbed out and berated on air for not having any star power. WWE champion Orton has been reduced to playing sidekick to Triple H.

No one is safe these days. Heck, even guys who are no longer with the company—Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho and Adam “Edge” Copeland—are getting trashed on-screen as Triple H shows everyone who's boss (as if we could forget).

There is clearly potential with this storyline: Big Show has gotten over huge as an anti-corporate babyface and Stephanie is very good as an annoying, over-bearing heel boss.

But if it's to ever truly go anywhere, the McMahons might need to keep their egos in check and tone down some of their more scathing remarks towards people.