NBA MVP: My Vote Goes to Kobe Bryant

Jeff Little@@JeffLittle32Senior Writer IApril 17, 2008

I feel it is a two-man race for the 2007-2008 NBA MVP, between Kobe Bryant & Chris Paul.


In my opinion, Kobe Bryant is the best player, finisher, and closer in the game. He has earned the award he deserves.


Chris Paul is one of the best point guards in the league, and his team is in second place in the Western Conference. He has earned the right to be in the conversation.


So has Kevin Garnett, due to his stellar play and his role in leading the Celtics to the league's best record.


Not to take anything away from Kevin Garnett, who became the heart and soul of the team, but it could easily be argued that the Celtics MVP is Kevin McHale. To win the award I feel that you have to be a winner. You have to make your team & your teammates better and both guys have definitely done that.

The difference, in my opinion, is that the Hornets' team is built around making Chris Paul’s strengths what the team does. The Hornets run the pick-and-roll play 100 times a game, and Chris Paul has various options every time down the court.


He can make a decision on what he wants to do on every play—take the ball to the basket, lob a pass to Tyson Chandler, pass to David West spotting up for a mid-range jumper, or pass to Peja Stojakovic behind the three-point line.

Kobe Bryant is playing within a system that is not designed on give Kobe the ball and get out of his way. He’s playing within a system that has won multiple titles that several people including Kobe, have called restrictive.


The triple post or triangle offense is based on proper spacing, player movement, ball movement, giving everyone the opportunity to touch the ball.


This is an offense that doesn’t need a traditional point guard to dominate the ball. Kobe doesn’t have to shoot all the time or have the ball in his hands all the time, yet he still puts up MVP numbers.


He has veterans and talented young players around him that he has led on the floor and helped in their development.  This year, he has been what several people have criticized him for not being his entire career: the consummate team player in a leadership role.


He is simply that missing piece that several teams don’t have, someone who can take over a game and score when you need a basket or go to the basket get fouled and knock down free throws.


I felt that as long as the Los Angeles Lakers are within the top three spots in the Western Conference Kobe Bryant is the leagues MVP. Kobe's trust in his teammates has aided in his young teammates' growth and gaining confidence which helped to bring the team together.


He has been instrumental in helping Paul Gasol make a smooth transition to the team and become the needed post presence when Andrew Bynum went down with an injury.


Kobe and the Lakers have shocked all of the critics who said before the season started that the Lakers would not make the playoffs or the Lakers will be the seventh seed at best.


Kobe has helped that team improve, and the Lakers won the top spot in the Western Conference. Despite the setbacks, the Lakers have had a great season.


Chris Paul and Kevin Garnett have also had terrific seasons, but against all odds I feel that what Kobe Bryant did this year was phenomenal and the above mentioned reasons are why my vote for MVP goes to Kobe Bryant for the 2007-2008 season.