April 17th—A Day the Chicago Cubs Are Meant to Win

Kyle JensenContributor IApril 17, 2008

It's my best friend's birthday today, and it is also a day the Chicago Cubs play.

I don't remember a time when the Cubs have lost on my friend's birthday.  Sometimes, we act like this is how his year is going to go.  So far, since the Cubs have won, it seems that he has had a good year. 

Don't break tradition for us, Cubbies!

Ken Griffey, Jr. just now hit a home run as I was writing this line.  It is 8-2 in the top of the seventh.  Give us the win, Cubbies. You can do it.  

With the wind blowing out, and the Cubs' offense, you'd think they would get some more runs.

Yesterday was a good 13-2 victory. It felt good, especially against Dusty Baker.  I've seen weirder things happen, and the Cubs can get going here.

I actually wish that manager Lou Piniella brought up Matt Murton rather than Eric Patterson (Reds just hit a double in the top of the seventh, two outs).

Sure Eric is Cory Patterson's little brother, but it's not like Patterson had a wonderful career with the Cubs. Eric is a different guy nonetheless.

Why Matt Murton?

He's patient, he has a high on-base percentage.  You could have a below average batting average, but still have a high on-base percentage (walks). Fukudome, definitely an OBP at lead-off.

Actually, this would be one of the most patient lineups that the organization has ever seen.

Anyway, now that I saw Tom Arnold sing the seventh inning stretch, I can't see too much hope.  Come on, of all days, my best friend's birthday, Tom Arnold?  I'd rather have Ozzy Osbourne come back.  Maybe Roseanne could have sung God Bless America while they're at it?

Anyway, it's the top of the eighth now and the Cubs are still down.  But on this special day, for a couple of Cubs fans, let's put the "W" flag over Wrigley today!