Why I Fell in Love With The San Francisco Giants in 1994

Rocky YipContributor IMay 23, 2009

1994. 10 years old. Oakland, CA. I came from Hong Kong to USA so my family can avoid the "1997" of Hong Kong, China, and the Great Britain. 

I always loved Basketball, but a scene without Michael Jordan of basketball does not attract me one single bit. I spoke limited English and my mom would subscribe to the newspaper so I can read more English, understand, and use. 

Sadly, the many continuous years drought for the Golden State Warriors started then.  Sprewell, Mullin to the Blaylock, Fuller, Cummings and such. What would a kid do?

I started reading the sport page everyday. I would wake up at 7am to catch the morning Sportscenter. Stuart Scott's "BOOM SHAKA LAKA" gave me a "what?!"

The name—Barry Bonds.  It would come up, over and over again.  1996—I went to my first baseball game at the Oakland coliseum.  Cour of the future Giant, Mr. Brian Johnson. 

I don't remember who played, but I heard a name that I would remember forever—Mark McGwire.  McGwire homered that day, and while Brian Johnson was sitting on the bench for the Tigers, he would eventually get into the game in the 7th.

I wondered and wondered. What is this I'm watching? I started watching baseball more and more often. I somewhat idolized Brian Johnson.  HE GAVE ME FREE TICKETS. 

Eventually I found out Brian Johnson was traded to the Giants, so I paid more attention.  I was screaming and cheering when "Shooter" had a bases loaded jam, and got out with a 1-2-3 double play. Not to mention, of course, the Home-run by Brian Johnson in the 12th to end the game.

I started watching and watching more. Of course I started going to the games at Pac Bell Park, the Barry Bonds homerun chase. I started going to the park about 20 games a year. I started falling in love more and more. 

Nothing is sweeter than a whole stadium, in 2002, Benito Santiago's Homerun against the St. Louis' Cardinals

2003—Jason Schmidt's complete game 3 hitter against the Marlins. I fell in love. I fell in love with a game that I had no interest of. All because of—the newspaper, Barry Bonds, Brian Johnson, and the new generation...

I started paying attention to the minor leagues more when I started to watch the Giants more.  None of my friends wanted to go catch Matt Cain's first game as a Giant. 

I ended up going with my girlfriend. I evolved from just being there for the superstar, to loving the kids play. 

I listen to KNBR, I check SFGIANTS.com everyday, and I look forward to one day...

The one day...

That one day...

When the San Francisco Giants will win the World Series. 

By the way....

I still hate them stupid Rally Monkeys.

My opinions are just my opinions.  I don't cover the Giants, but I have my own piece of mind.  Hopefully someone out there understands 100% where I came from and respects. 

This is my take, on Giants baseball.