Tennis Stars Weigh-In on American Idol

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Tennis Stars Weigh-In on American Idol
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

The tennis world reacted to last night's results of American Idol. Here is what the various players have had to say.


Rafael Nadal

I jes want to say Adam Lambert no feel to bad.  I been nomber two, so I know whad it feels like.  Jou know jou di jou bes! Only problema is dat I was nombre two and now I nombre one. Jou going to stay at nomber two. 

I gat rid of di capris and my pirate cloze. Maybe jou should get rid of eye liner and look more like a hombre.


Roger Federer

Yeah, well it is tough when the better player..ah I mean...performer loses and the whole world is watching.  I must commend Adam Lambert for not breaking down and ruining his "guyliner."

I know how he feels to perform so well and finish runner-up.  Other than that, I have absolutely nothing else in common with this fellow.


Andy Roddick

I stopped watching after Lil Rounds got knocked off.  You got to love that booty!!  Whoops!  Hey!! Give me back that tape recorder!!  I want this off the record! I am married for Chr*** sake!


Novak Djokovic

Sorry, I really do not follow American Idol.  If it is anything like Serbian Idol, the women are much hairier than the men!


Andy Murray

If it were up to me, I would have flown Susan Boyle over there to whup everyone's a**.  Look for me to host a new upcoming talent show called "Scotland's got more bad-a** talent than England can dream of."


Marat Safin

Glasnost is over!  I want to fight the American Idol.  Bring him to me!!


Nikolay Davidenko

I am inspired by these talented Americans.  It makes me want to quit tennis and sign up for Siberian Idol. 


John McEnroe:

You can't be serious! That Adam Lambert was IN! 




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