Mein Kampf: The WWE Tag Team Division

Jimmy MoloneyContributor IMay 21, 2009

Preface: Before I begin, Mein Kampf is German for "my struggle." The term rose to fame in the western world as it was the title of one of Adolf Hitler's books. I must state that I in no way support his movement and mass genocide of the Jewish people and other minority groups. I condemn his actions and the actions of the Nazi regime. This title is simply a fancy way of saying my struggle, and I am in no way trying to offend any group of people that may read this article.

It was only two years ago when there were names such as Paul London and Brian Kendrick, The Hardyz, Rated-RKO and MNM listed as tag teams who were either holding or competing for the World or WWE Tag Team Titles. That was only two years ago, yet it seems so far away.

It was only five years ago when there were tag teams such as La Resistance, Los Guerreros and The Worlds Greatest Tag Team doing battle.

Today, we are lucky to see a tag team that lasts longer than two weeks of WWE programming. Teams are mixed and matched together for the purpose of one or two fights with no serious or even legitimate chance of staying together as a tag team. 

The disturbing fact is that the WWE doesn't care about the tag team division.There are only one or two teams in the WWE today that wrestle the majority of their fights in the tag team format.

However, the individuals within these teams still wrestle a fair amount of their matches in singles competition.

From a young age I was hooked on wrestling. I always knew there was something not quite right with wrestling—which I would soon find out was that it was story—lined. However, my love of tag team wrestling made me seek more and more of wrestling.

The teamwork between the wrestlers created stunning moves that captivated my imagination.

Today, I see singles wrestlers trying to pull off what are supposed to be tag team moves.

I became hooked with tag team wrestling from around the year 2000. Teams such as The Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz and The Brothers of Destruction were all wrestling with all teams tasting World Tag Team Championship success.

It was during this time when The Dudleys, Edge and Christian, and The Hardys were all revolutionising the extreme tag team matches.

The three tag teams put on some of the most extreme matches in the WWE. The teams competed for years with numerous title matches involving the weapons of choice for the various tag teams. These matches are still with me today.

The tag title matches at WrestleMania 2000 and WrestleMania X—Seven are just a few of the matches that I remember fondly. It is these matches that I look upon now and I feel a sense of anger inside of me.

Why should I feel this anger? Why should I, the wrestling fan, be angry at a product which is competing for my attention?

If I was a customer at a restaurant and I received a bad dish, I would be angry and would not return to the restaurant, yet with the WWE I still return night after night holding out on the hope that maybe the concept of tag team wrestling will return to its former heights.

The answer to my anger is a clear and simple answer: The WWE doesn't care about the tag team division.

It was clear how the WWE saw the tag team division at WrestleMania XXV. The lumberjack unified tag team title match was a dark match.

Kid Rock got a ten minute performance at WrestleMania while a tag team title match was relegated to the dark match.

Even a cross-dressing Italian got his bit on the grandest stage of them all, yet a division that has been around since 1971 couldn't be apart of the 25th anniversary.

From November last year, The Colons became involved in a on screen relationship with the Bella Twins. This relationship soon turned into a feud when the Miz and Morrison started competed for the affections of The Bella Twins.

The feud led to both teams defending their respective tag team championships against each other with both teams retaining their titles. The feud led to a conclusion at WrestleMania XXV when, in a dark match, The Colons defeated Miz and Morrison.

A three-month feud came to an end in a dark match. The hype this match received on ECW and SmackDown! was huge, with title defenses and promos given in the shows leading up to the big event.

Despite all the air time the promos received, the match was only a dark match.

The last time a tag team title was defended at a Pay Per View, disregarding the dark match at WrestleMania, was Unforgiven in 2008. That Pay Per View was staged on Sept. 7, 2008, which is a little more than eight months ago.

For the record, it was won by Dibiase and Rhodes against Cryme Tyme, and the match was substandard at best. I ask this question: How can I respect a division that doesn't get the appropriate air time on a PPV?

The answer is that I simply can't. A division that had once some of the great names of wrestling holding a tag title championship is nothing more than a dark match at a Pay Per View. The high-flying tag team division that I was once so found of is now gone.

The WWE's biggest rival to their significant market share at the moment would have to be TNA wrestling. WWE beats TNA in just about every facet except for two divisions. The Tag Team and Knockouts divisions are by far the better compared to the WWE.

Although I will not touch upon the Knockouts, the TNA tag team division outranks the WWE by a country mile. The WWE has The Colons, The new Hart Foundation and Cryme Tyme compared to TNA's Team 3D, Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money and Lethal Consequences. The WWE is nothing compared to TNA when it comes to tag teams.

Usually, one would assume that when a rival to your market share has a better product or better facet of it that you would try and combat it. I know the WWE is pushing its singles competition but wouldn't you at least try and combat the better product? WWE has the talent to do so; it just they choose not to.

Despite my constant letdowns, I still return every night to watch the WWE. I just wonder how long can I watch the WWE before I give up in disappointment and turn off.

I can only hope that I can last long enough to see the change of respect that the WWE gives the tag team division. Hopefully, the change will come before I turn off for good.