UCLA Football: Beginning of the Week Roundup

AndySenior Analyst IApril 13, 2008

Here are some of the items that we have to look forward to keeping an eye on as the new week starts up:

1. It looks like St. Patrick is getting the most reps with the 1st team, making him the top contender for the starting QB position come fall. I have three three theories on this. Only time will tell if any of them are true:

(A) St. Patrick is getting the nod because of his mobility. With an inexperienced OL next year Coach Neu and Chow may see the need to have a mobile QB to avoid a serious pounding every week.

(B) This may be just a mind game for Olson to step it up. Chow said this, “We saw sparks of leadership, but we’re still looking for more,” Chow said. “It’s hard to give everybody snaps. The two guys got a lot of reps, that’s what spring ball is for, to give everybody a chance. Then Rick and I will determine who it is.” The search isn’t over but Olson isn’t responding well. Olson said this, “You would hope you would be given a chance,” Olson said. “You would hope they wouldn’t make up their minds after four days of spring practice. Again, I can’t control that. I have to stay positive and keep plowing through. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on.” Not good Olson…not good at all. I don’t recall Mata-Real reacting this way when he lost the starting job to Love.

(C) This may be a way to get Craft to respond. A drop-back QB may not be the way to go with Chow’s new system so maybe Neu and Chow are trying to get Craft. Remember that as much as Cowan has a lot of heart, he has proven to be less accurate than Olson. I would imagine that this would also hold true when you compare Cowan to Craft. Much like the presidential election, events change rapidly. What holds true now may not be the case in Spring.

2. Our 7th ranked mens volleyball team swept Pacific in three games on Saturday. Do you really expect any less from Al Scates?

3. UCLA women’s gymnatics team places second at the NCAA Southeast Regional Championship. They finished with a score of 196.625 to earn their 24th appearance in the NCAA championships. If you haven’t heard, our gymnastics teams has been awesome over the past ten years and this season has proved no different. They finished ranked No.2 at the end of the season.

4. The men’s baseball team destroyed UC Riverside by a score of 18-7 and also hit five home runs to seal the deal. I think UCR’s team was too busy thinking about their perplexing mascot. They’re the highlanders:

Uh, that looks like a bear with a seat belt on. Do they not know what a highlander is?

5. Our No. 5 mens tennis team just beat ASU 4-3. Always remember that men’s tennis brought UCLA it’s first championship! Keep Arthur Ashe proud guys!

That’s it. See you on Monday.

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