Bros Hit Golf Ball off Buddy's Face and Manage to Spear His Tongue with Tee

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 19, 2013

Some buddies tried their hand at the ol' hit-a-golf-ball-off-their-friend's-mouth trick. Yeah, it didn't quite work out. 

The Big Lead brings us this video that really doesn't need much of an introduction other than it features a little NSFW language that can only be expected when seeing a tee impale your friend's tongue. 

And that, my friends, is what happens when brilliant gentlemen with too much free time decide to get creative with some golf equipment nearby.

We also must acknowledge that the beer bottle in the protagonist's hand really tied this beautiful moment together quite nicely. 

It all starts with one guy lying on the ground with a tee in his mouth. That's pretty much when the entire Internet proclaimed, "You have our attention."

A couple of practice swings and a "re-tee" later, and our pink-shorted comrade here decides it's time to take the laziest swing we have ever seen. 

And nails it. 

You can tell he wasn't pleased with the hit and the YouTube video is entitled "Golf Fail," but we have to say it looked tremendously successful from where we are sitting. 

Now just so you know, even short swings have enough velocity to drive a tee down with the requisite force to skewer someone's tongue. No, I didn't do the calculations, nor am I a scientist with interesting tidbits to offer. 

I know, because this guy came away with one hell of a toothpick disaster. You learn something new every day.

Later tonight, I will smile knowing I added to my scant collection of wisdom. Hitting a golf ball off someone's face is apparently dangerous, and it's always better to be the one doing the swinging. 


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