The Dramatization of Sports Today

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The Dramatization of Sports Today
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Remember the days where you turned on SportsCenter and there was nothing but highlights?

Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann would summarize the days highlights in a humorous way. "Welcome to the big show!"

There was barely any talk about the drama between Terrell Owens and his quarterback, steroid talk, or even Brett Favre talking about coming back and highlights of him throwing footballs at a high school?!

Don’t get me wrong some of the content is great news that sometimes can be great to know but at other times it can be just too much.

Have we become like women of old watching soap operas, feeding on the drama?

That’s what the show Outside the Lines is for right?

Because of this dramatization trend, a lot of sports have slowly become phased out and subsidized to more sport specific channels.

Thank goodness for Crosby and Ovechkin making the playoffs, because getting regular season hockey highlights on ESPN was impossible. They now have the NHL Network and Versus, which used to and still covers outdoor sports like hunting and fishing.

Other channels have been created like the NFL Network, NHL Network, and the Speed channel, which covers NASCAR and racing.  

The problem is most people don’t have these premium channels, so in effect hockey is phased out. Think of the same result that happened with other sports like soccer, F-1 racing, tennis, boxing, etc.

When people are not exposed to any of these sports, besides the occasional story, they begin to forget and disregard the sport completely.

Okay, so this is where the tone of this article changes.

I must understand, regardless of my affinity for hockey and some of the other sports mentioned that it’s business and not personal.

More people are watching ESPN than ten years ago. The channel has developed a broad range of viewers from housewives, to the increased number of women in sports, and children.

I watched SportsCenter as a child, but I thought of myself as a sports fanatic and typically my friends were more interested in morning cartoons.

Because of the new audience the channel must focus on issues affecting the overall sports and act more as a news team looking for that breaking story.

People like to have something to gossip about at work, and why not discuss sports rather than all the depressions in the economy and what’s going on in the world, and talk about “hey should they increase the NFL regular season to 18 games?” instead.

SportsCenter Live is also a great thing because if something breaking happens, it can be instantly covered and reported. People are getting sports news quicker and each hour new sports are covered.

Overall, I feel the shifting of sports to a more breaking news format is great for sports and the fans that watch them.

I just want my highlight’s back.

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