Canadiens-Bruins: Habs Too Good To Be True

Miah D.Senior Writer IApril 13, 2008

Tonight was game three between the Habs and the Bruins.

After the risky OT last night, it was written wide in the sky that the Bruins would come out big for their first home game in this playoff series.

But it seems the message hasn't been seen by the Habs.

My dear Habs...can't you just realize that the young kid can't do the damn job all by himself?

For the first time this season, Boston opened the score against Montreal. And for the first time since March 2007, they won against Montreal.

If I were a Bruins fan, I would celebrate till tomorrow morning maybe, because it's definitely worth partying.

Those guys played the underdog role all season.  They had it with the 13-0 record pushing their back and written everywhere they looked.

Now, Claude Julien once again passed the right message to his guys and they finally got it right. Actually, they pretty much got almost everything right tonight. They hit hard, they kept coming on Price, and they had a very good defense.

Milan Lucic opened the score in the first. By then, Price had only faced three shots. They went all way through the first with the same score.

In the second, Tom Kostopoulos tied the game with a strange goal. Everyone seemed to fall down when the puck went in; I actually thought there would be a call for goalie interfering but Kostopoulos had been pushed into Thomas.

And then came the deadly overtime. That do-or-die period when the losers do not come out with one point, but with a big huge loss printed on their foreheads and a possible threat to their series.

Marc Savard gave life to the Black and Gold, and earned a ticket back to the Bell Center for a game five.

For those who predicted a 4-0 Montreal in their playoff pool, I guess it is time to pack up and forget about it. For those who went with the 4-1 Montreal, it is not too late. But it is not over either; who knows what the Bruins will be capable of after tonight's win?

I did not get to say this often during the regular season, but Tim Thomas was amazing in front of his net. He was the one who kept the team in the game when Montreal finally decided to show up.

On the other side, Price was pretty much shining, especially in the third period.  He had three amazing glove saves while his defense-men were running behind trying to make it look like they were actually battling hard.

But in the end, the Bruins got what they were looking for and showed the Habs that they can handle the challenge. Now that is going to be a huge lesson of humility for my Bleu Blanc Rouge.

Nevertheless, there has been a tremendous support from the Habs fans in Boston.

Whenever Chara touched the puck, there were always those legendary Bell Center boos among the crowd. Of course, Kovalev also had his part from the Boston fans.

Breathe in, breathe out Montreal fans. At some point, our CH needed to get that bubble popped up anyway and they still lead the series 2-1.

Relax, take it easy; and if you actually do, share me your secret because I am about to go drink away the pain—just kidding!

Now, we'll be able to see the true heart and guts of both teams.

For next game, if I were Carbo, I would bring back O' Byrne in the team. Rookie or not, this guy is strong enough to handle the corners and the board.

Plus does anyone know when will Saku Koivu and Francis Bouillon be back?

Finally, please Coach Jarvis, get them to score on powerplays; it might have saved the game.

Game four will be on Tuesday night in Boston.