Boston Celtics: Why Is Kevin Garnett Still On The Bench?

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Boston Celtics: Why Is Kevin Garnett Still On The Bench?
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Have you ever yelled into the other room to ask your child “what are you doing” and they reply “I’m not touching the…” You know they are touching it. Their denial incites your need for more information. The Celtics are inciting many to need more information. 


Kevin Garnett has been sitting and sitting. Months ago they declared he would be ready for play before the end of the season. He was not.


They later declared he would be ready for the playoffs. He was not.


Currently, the Celtics are preaching that KG, who had to spend missed regular season games in the locker room rather than on the bench because of his “intensity”, is now during the playoffs, just hangin’ out on the bench for moral support.


It has long sense been the Celtics mantra that only championships matter. That is why Ainge made the moves he made when he became GM. That is why only Championship banners hang from the arena ceiling and no divisional or conference banners. That is why if Garnett’s season is truly over he should be headed for the knife and pronto.


So, why is Garnett still on bench and not seeking medical attention?


Leon Powe, after his injury was determined to be season ending practically hopped on a rocket ship to get to his surgery. It is true, Powe is at the end of his contract and needs to show he will be ready for next season, while KG’s future is a lot more secure.


Please, oh please Celtics just do not lie on this one because there is no reason to do it. If he might come back if the C’s go deeper in the playoffs, then just say so.


“Kevin, what are you doing still on the Celtics bench?”


“I am not waiting to see if we reach the finals.”


It is hard to say what is exactly going on with KG, but there is something more than meets the ears.


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