Checklist for Ducks Success in Game Two, It's Now or Never Boys

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IApril 12, 2008

It has long been known in the hockey world that any "game one" is a feeling out of sorts of the other team, particularly in a playoff setting.

The Ducks had three pathetic periods of feeling out the Dallas Stars and now they must either step up to the plate or be prepared to face a 2-0 series lead by the Stars, which could mean near-certain death for the reigning Stanley Cup Champs.

Dallas is long known for sealing a series win within the first two games.  They seize momentum and never let it go. On paper the Ducks are much stronger and they are also a tough team to play at home.

For Dallas these issues were solved immediately and all they must do now is play the game they played in Game one. For the Ducks, tonight must be a rebirth. I would suggest every player listen to a song by the rock band Dope before the game. The song is titled "Now is the time"


For the Ducks to win Game Two they must:

1. Stay out of the Penalty Box; Dallas has proved time and time (and time) again it will crush you on the man advantage. So guys, when deciding about a future trip, fight, or high elbow...think before doing.

2. Protect Jiggy: Yes, J.S. Giguere is one of the top goaltenders in the NHL. No, he is not a one man army composed of superhuman puck stopping ability. Block shots when possible and give him lanes to stop rebounds and see shots. You have one of the best Defensive corps in the NHL (on paper), SO PLAY LIKE IT!

3. Play like you’re at home: The crowd is key.  If you give them a reason to be quiet you might as well be in Dallas already. Play like you’re in Southern California, like that orange banner that reads "2007 Stanley Cup Champions" means something. Otherwise, for Games three and four, just forfeit to Dallas so they can rest and prepare for the next round and you guys can begin golfing early.

4. Adjust to the changing tempo and situation of the game: The Ducks looked almost lost in Game 1, unsure in almost every situation. This could be poor coaching, poor preparation or just plain expecting Dallas to do something when they are clearly not. Seize control of the game. "Now is the Time!"


You Tube video of Dope's "Now is the Time"