WWE SmackDown Results: 5 Things Every Fan Must Know About Friday Night's Show

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 16, 2013


The card is finally set. We have all matches—signed and sealed. Now, the WWE and SummerSlam have to deliver. The wrestling gods have been notified and are on call until early Monday morning.

For a wrestling fan, you cannot ask for three better matches to headline your pay-per-view than the ones we are getting the opportunity to see. The fallout from each of them is so important to the success of the WWE moving forward, toward the final four months of the year, and the success of a new crop of company superstars.

It almost seems as if this is a pay-per-view of transition. For a writer and a fan, like me, that is exciting.

But with the excitement also comes the reality that there will many twists, turns and swerves come Sunday night. And while the SmackDown program was exciting, I personally was left wanting to know more, especially since Vince McMahon’s interference and Triple H’s count of Daniel Bryan’s win over Wade Barrett helped close out the night.

Remember, SummerSlam is only two nights away.

Here is what every fan should know following Friday night’s show.


A Screw Job Is in the Works

Whether it is Triple H and his involvement in the match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan or it is Vince McMahon and possibly Brad Maddox being involved in the contest, a screw job is in the works.

I have been plotting this for a few days now. It can go either way. McMahon could align himself with Maddox and maybe Wade Barrett as his new "corporate man" in the WWE. He could align himself with Randy Orton after Orton cashes in his Money in the Bank contract and aligns himself with McMahon as the new “Corporate Champion.”

It could also be a work where Triple H works as the guest referee, but no matter who he counts out, Cena or Bryan, he then helps Orton win the WWE title and then stages a tug-of-war for control of the WWE that lasts through Survivor Series.

Either way, expect something to go down Sunday night. And above everything else, it means John Cena will leave the company for a few months to repair his injured elbow.


Kane Will Finally Follow the Buzzards

The thing I like about Kane and the Bray Wyatt angle is the fact we will see Kane the way we are supposed to see him. The evil monster will rear his ugly head again, causing all kinds of havoc. This is the Kane we want to see. This is the Kane we saw feud with John Cena in 2012.

It would appear Wyatt’s “family” is just the kind of pact that can make the big man fall at their feet.

And a “Ring of Fire” match is just what both men need to establish themselves again.

Kane will help Wyatt get over, and the family will add one more to its flock. Oh, the buzzards are swarming.

There isn’t another angle for Kane to work with following his run with Team Hell No. This is a great way for him to remain relevant.


The Shield Will Finally Lose a Title

It is almost a guarantee two things will happen on Sunday night. RVD will beat Dean Ambrose for the United States title and the team of Big Show and Mark Henry will take the straps off Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at Night of Champions.

This opens the door for a nice title run by RVD, while Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow battle over who will be the next World Heavyweight Champion. It also means Big Show and Henry add size and popularity to the tag team division. Tons of Funk aren’t the team they need to be. The Real Americans need an opponent, and The Shield can stand to be knocked down a peg and build themselves up again.

I love the idea of Big Show and Henry wearing gold in the near future.


CM Punk and Brock Lesnar Will Be the Match of the Year

And how could it not? To this point, there have been some good feuds in the WWE, especially CM Punk and The Rock. Daniel Bryan and John Cena is probably a one-time deal. And the method by which this feud was set up was about as brilliant as it comes.

Lesnar and Punk will close the house down at the Staples Center.

The four components of a great rivalry are there: greed, deceit, anger and motive. And this was all done by Paul Heyman, who may or may not be in the match to begin with.

The vignettes have been awesome. The back-and-forth dialogue between Punk and Heyman has been some of the best we have seen in some time. And the brutality between Lesnar and Punk has been as good as anything I have seen in years.

This will be an all-out war. The best thing about it, in my opinion, is unlike a Lesnar/Triple H feud we wanted to see end, this one has legs that will allow it to carry over into Night of Champions and maybe beyond.


Curtis Axel is Still the Most Misused Champion

The WWE should have worked the pay-per-view where all titles were defended at SummerSlam.

The tag titles, the Divas title and the Intercontinental Championship did not make the cut. And what is worse, Curtis Axel (Intercontinental champion) and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins aren't even on the dance card.

You can be sure all three will see action one way or another.

In all honesty, the idea of Axel being the Intercontinental champion was a good move by the WWE at first, but now, it looks like it was just done out of need more than anything. Where was Wade Barrett or The Miz to challenge him again? Why couldn’t the WWE build someone up since Money in the Bank to make a run?

We all know what will happen with the tag team titles, but Axel needs his own program instead of working as Heyman’s henchman.