The Good and The Bad Of Monday Night RAW

Jack MortonCorrespondent IMay 12, 2009

Not been able to write for a couple of weeks, but I'm back and I hope you enjoy!



Legacy and Batista opening segment

I found this very interesting, Orton asking Batista to join Legacy. I honestly thought for one second that we were in for a shock heel turn...but it was not to be. Batista showed good intensity and has got me interested in their match at Judgment Day.


Mickie James

I don't show to much interest in the Women's Division but Mickie has undoubted talent and I feel the title will be put on her sooner rather than later...probably at Judgment Day. Not seen a Women's match for the title on a Pay-Per-View in a while now.


Chavo undermining Vickie Guerrero

Last couple of weeks now, Chavo has come up with an idea and completely undermining Vickie's power. This is something Vickie will not like and Chavo had better watch out.


Batista taking out Priceless

Batista showed that he is no pushover here but showed a lot of heel tendencies...possible heel turn soon? Or does he just want Orton that much.


The Brian Kendrick

His push starts here...possibly. I would much rather see it in singles competition but this could be interesting. I'm also intrigued to see who they have planned to be his Tag-Team  partner. I have heard it's The Miz but it had better not be as I think The Miz has good singles opportunities available to him.


The Miz

I am just putting him in here, not for just tonight, but also the past few weeks. His mic work has been great to watch and would love to see more of this in the future. Hopefully they can give his some credibility in the ring to match it. This could take him to the main event scene...possibly. I was not happy about what happened with him tonight but I'll speak a bit more of that below.


Santina segment

I have said right from the start that I hate what they are doing with Santina. However, this segment made me laugh, especially when Santina took the mic from Vickie and when she said she was a "lesbiano." I bet there were a few awkward questions to be answered by parents when their children asked what that one meant.


US Title picture

There are three wrestlers in the hunt for the title and is looking like it could be a great feud opening up between the four. I would love to see a Fatal-Four-Way between them which I think would be a good addition to any Pay-Per-View. Especially with superstars like MVP, Matt Hardy and Kofi Kingston are involved...all possible stars of the future.


Matt Hardy

I am loving his new character. His whining promos recently have been fun to watch and plays the cowardly heel well. Would love to see him in the main event picture because I feel his in ring skills are good as well. For now though, I want a Hardy vs Kingston. That will be a cool feud.


Batista vs Orton

This was the right thing to do as they need to sell Judgement Day, and showing them this match on free TV is not the right way to get you buy the Pay-Per-View.


Batista going mental

They needed to make Batista look strong and boy, did they do that. Batista gave Orton a taste of his own medicine. Let's just hope they don't use Ortons "injured leg" as an excuse for Orton dropping the title come this Sunday.

Batista seemed like the heel all the way through this, getting disqualified, attacking superstars backstage, then trying to take Orton out. I would love to see a heel Batista in the future.


Overall Show

I enjoyed the show and was struggling to find to much wrong with the show. Good show and if I was going to rate it, I would give it a B+. Let's hope they can keep it up.


Handicap match

I'm getting fed up with handicap matches, simple as that.


2-on-1 Handicap match Priceless vs Batista

I know they were trying to make Batista look strong but would of it hurt him for Priceless to beat him clean or at least get some decent offence on him. Or am I asking for too much there? The finish was also terrible.


Cole and Lawler in the Ring

What's the point them coming to the ring when they had graphics popping up instead anyway.


The Miz vs Cena

I don't see why they could not have had The Miz win. They made it look like Cena was about to win. I'm sure it wouldn't have hurt Cena if he lost as he is meant to be injured.

This could of really propelled The Miz, but I think they have now missed out on the chance and I am expecting a Cena squash match when he is back to full fitness.

Also, how come Cena can only just walk to the ring but then when he is in it, he is jumping and running all over the place? He should really of sold his apparent injuries more consistently


Batista and Cody Rhodes in a closet

I wonder what those two got up to in there?


Santina vs Beth Phoenix

Beth should be in the hunt for the Divas title. Not stuck in this mess with Santina. Especially when she has now lost twice to the freak show.



MVP as a face just does not seem right. The fans in the arena don't seem to think it's right as he hardly gets a pop as his music hits. Probably change his music to something else or just push him as a heel. I think MVP's character shouts heel to me. What do you think?

Cody Rhodes AKA " The Bait"

Poor Cody. It's always him who never gets away. It is always him who ends up with his head between the thighs of someone, whether it's HHH, or whether it's Batista. Maybe he...naaa let's not go there.

Cheers for the read. hope you enjoyed it and join me again on saturday when I will be doing the same with Friday Night Smackdown. 



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