What Happened to the Chicago Bulls?

Daniel HynesCorrespondent IApril 11, 2008

The Chicago Bulls were supposed to have a great year in 2007-08. The team was picked by many analysts to make it to the Finals and possibly win it all.

That was not the case. The Bulls went completely in the wrong direction. They had high hopes but shot very low.

The start of the season was like all seasons since Michael Jordan left. They started slowly and were supposed to pick up in time. They continued to backslide.

The team was never able to put a good run of wins together, and when they did, it was against low quality teams like New York. The team had many distractions between two of the stars not signing big contracts, which led to bad performances on the court.

The talk about a trade with Kobe Bryant did not help the team's mental productivity. Despite their high hopes this year, the Bulls were destined for failure.

The firing of head coach Scott Skiles before Christmas was an obvious sign of what had happened and was going to happen.

Interim head coach Jim Boylan was also set to fail, when players did not show up to practice and were not on time for games. The team has many talents on it but needs some work if they wish to rejoin the Bulls of the 90s.

The team had the distractions of the rookies talking about things that a rookies should not talk about. Yes Joakim Noah is a good athlete but as a rookie he should not be talking about heart or lack of it.

The Bulls’ players need to take time after the season is done to rethink what happened this year. Missing the playoffs in a weak Eastern Conference is inexcusable. Boston and Detroit were the only big dogs in the East this year.

The Cavs who were in the finals just last year are fighting for the No. 4 spot. That team needs to help LeBron James out.

The Bulls' front office has to rethink their philosophy of the team. What do they want to do? Do they want to be run-of-the-mill and get walked on by Detroit, Boston or even New York.

The team has a bright future if they can acquire a superstar in the off season. The stars are going to be hesitant because team officials do not know what they want to do.

The fans of Chicago deserve to have a champion again in the city. The last to do that were the White Sox in 2005.

My final thought on the Bulls is that they need to work out their mental issues. If they want to win, they need to take a long look at themselves.