UEFA Cup Injustice: After Being Robbed, Getafe Should Hold Their Heads High

Dakota RubinSenior Analyst IApril 10, 2008

An absolute heartbreak is the only way I can describe Getafe's last second loss to Bayern Munich.

The Spanish underdogs were in the process of one of the most incredible and improbably victories ever.

Not only were they playing the German beasts from Bavaria but as of the 5th minute they were down a man after De La Red got sent off.

But that did not stop Los Azulones from going up 1-0 on a fantastic solo effort in the 43rd minute.

The Bavarians come out flying in the second half and threatened on multiple occasions and looks on the doorstep of getting a goal.  But Getafe refused to crack and the Spanish side almost went up 2-0 but Braulio missed a clear chance.

Under constant pressure from a team with superior talent Getafe refused to back down and looked like they may be able to hold Munich.  That all changed when Ribery tied the contest in the 89th minute on a great strike.

All the sudden the momentum of the game had shifted.  What was once a rocking stadium was all of the sudden still and a team that was brimming with confidence looked slightly unsure.

I thought it was all over entering overtime but that is when Getafe truly showed their mettle.

Who would have thought a 10-man side that has only been in the Spain's top league for four years would score two goals in one minute against the German giants?

However, that is what happened and it looked like a happy day in Spain.

But the fatigue finally caught up to the Spaniards they surrendered two goals in the final five minutes including the dagger, a header by Toni on the last play of the game.

After a heroic performance in Munich last week in a 1-1 tie, Getafe looked amazing in this game and gave Bayern a true fight.

It is hard to accept, but comebacks like this are why Munich is one of the best in the world. And as hard as it is to take for Getafe and all of Spain who were behind the underdogs, this is something to be proud of.

This game was pure robbery and Getafe deserved to win but the game that is most often beautiful can sometimes be so harsh.

Hold your heads up high Getafe.  You deserve it.