Bellator Fighting Championship Week 6 Live Results

Jaime MorenoCorrespondent IMay 8, 2009

This is Jaime Moreno coming to you live from Robstown, Texas for Bellator Fighting Championship event.  I was lucky enough to get some press credentials to the event and now that the connection has been fixed I will be updating during the fight.  So please keep checking during the event for you live results.


Robstown is a small town with a couple of upstart local promotions and although the venue is to not full capacity the crowd is ready for the fights to begin.  The local girl who sang the national anthem was great except she missed up the lyrics. 


Non-Televised Fights

Ira Boyd vs. Hector Urbina—Ira Boyd comes out to Rage Against The Machine’s Guerrilla Radio so good start for Mr. Boyd.   And it begins.  Hector starts with a body kick that drops Boyd.  Urbina gets the mount quickly once on the ground and the ref quickly jumps in to stop the fight, which confused the crowd.  Evidently Boyd landed oddly from the throw to the ground and injured his knee.  Odd start for sure but it happens.  Hector Urbina via TKO.

Chris Spicer vs. Bubba McDaniels--Bubba tries for a takedown early but Spicer stuffs it and makes Bubba stand back up. On the reset Bubba catches Spicer’s leg kick and threw Spicer to the ground and begins to administer some solid ground and pound. Bubba lands some wicked elbows from side mount. Bubba gets Spicer to give up his back and slips in the RNC and Spicer passes out. At 2:53 in round one Bubba McDaniels via TKO.

Televised Fights

Dustin Phillips vs. Jose Santibanez--The fights starts off slowly with both fighters trying to find there range.  Jose peppers the leg of Phillips.  Jose has more fight experience and it is evident and Jose eventually gets a takedown after three straight overhand rights.  After working the ground and pound for a few moments Phillips works his way back standing and tries to get Jose on the cage but the 9 fight vet gets another takedown and after some good punches Phillips gives up his back and Jose get the RNC.  At 3:34 in the first Jose Santibanez wins via rear naked choke. 

Roberto Vargas vs. Daniel Pineda—Pineda win the local Hispanic crowd real fast with a song called This is for La Raza.  It starts with Pineda getting a successful takedown but not able to do much with it.  Scramble after scramble leads to a slam by Pineda Urijah Faber style but in the transitions to the mounts loses position and nearly get guillotined for it.  They go back and forth on the ground.  The round ends with Vargas landing a nice uppercut nearly ending the fight. With the last punch I think Vargas wins the round.

Round two starts with Vargas getting a early slam and works the ground from half guard.  After three minutes of Vargas pounding Pineda, Pineda nearly get an arm bar.  The ground is really even towards the end of the round ending with Pineda on top position.  That round was very even, but i feel that Vargas should get the round.

The final round starts like it ended with Vargas getting a takedown and sits there in top position for a full three minutes before the ref finally stands the fighters up.  After the rest Pineda tries for one all or nothing flying knee that misses by centimeters.  Vargas takes Pineda to the ground again and stays there till the end.  29-28 29-28 30-27 unanimous decision win for Roberto Vargas. 

Luis Palomino vs. Nick Gonzalez--the fight starts slowly with both fighters finding their range.  Luis has some great leg kicks.  It’s a back and forth fight tell Luis Palomino lands a nasty right hand that stuns Gonzalez and Luis rushes in and lands one punch on the ground then the ref jumps in a little too quick, but the stoppage is understandable.  After the announcer announces the winner, Palomino displays some very good Capoeria.   At 2:13 in the first round Palomino wins via TKO. 

Diego Garijo vs. Hector Munoz  this fight was cancelled due to Munoz coming in over ten pounds over.

145 lbs Tournament Semi-Finals

Estevan Payan vs. Yahir Reyes--Reyes knows how to win a crowd.  His entrance music is mariachi music and the locals start screaming for him.  Payan is a massive fighter for 145 and at 6 foot tall he has a large reach advantage.  Both fighters start slow, looking for their range.  After three minutes of non action Reyes stars talking to Payan to fight.  Finally Reyes is able to get a takedown in the last 45 seconds of the first round which is the only offense in the fight.  After Payan gets the fight back to the feet, Reyes gets a last second takedown to more than likely win the round. 

Round Two starts like the first with a bunch of swings and misses.  Reyes tries for a takedown and gets stuffed.  When they separate the reluctant to punch Reyes lands a beautiful spinning back fist that knocked Payan out cooled.  At 1: 56 in the second round Yahir Reyes wins via KO.  With that win Reyes goes on to the finals of the 145 lbs tournament.

Joe Soto vs. Wilson Reis--The fight moves fast but nothing is coming of it for both fighters. Soto lands a quick right that stuns Reis but Reis is quick to get back up. Soto is able to stuff two takedown and is landing some good punches. Soto is doing a great job with his sprawls and seems to be wearing down Reis. With the round coming to a close Wilson Reis lands a good right and follows up with a nice left. The rounds end. I got Soto winning the round.

Round two is a bit slower to start but quickens at the one minute mark. The fight is back and forth with the fighters landing with some nice punches. Reis decided to not go for the takedowns and the fight is a boxing match with Soto winning the exchanges. Soto’s counter punching is way to crisp for Reis’s more looping punches. Again I got this round for Soto.

Round Three and I got Reis down and needing a TKO or Sub to win. Reis goes for a takedown and again Soto stuffs it. Reis has no real answer to Soto’s countering and in a takedown Soto lands a great hook that again stuns Reis. Reis is back on his feet but has nothing for Soto. Reis get a leg trip but Soto bounces right back up as soon as his butt touches the ground. The round ends with Reis missing a leg kick. I got this round with Reis maybe getting the round on his pace and his aggression. The winner with a 30-27 unanimous decision Joe Soto and moves on to the finals against Reyes.