Conn Smythe Contest: And the Winner Is…?

The Captain -Brian KatesSenior Analyst IApril 9, 2008

Nicklas Lidstrom holds up Conn Smythe Trophy in 2002.

OK. You want me to pick a Conn Smythe winner for this year’s NHL season. First, you have to bear with my ramblings on who will not win it and then after much thought and brain-churning, I will divulge my answer and trust me I will be correct. 

Why will I be correct you ask yourself? (You have to ask yourself that now?) I will answer you in one simple sentence. The Detroit Red Wings are going to win the Stanley Cup, and everyone knows that the Conn Smythe goes to the MVP of the winning team. Except for a few times, when the Professional Hockey Writers Association had a brain-burp and picked someone from the losing team. So, Detroit will win Lord Stanley and one of the Wings will win the Conn Smythe.  

Who won’t win you ask? (Ask that now, please). I’ll tell you who won’t win. Any player from the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team, only the greatest sports team ever put together by an individual named Herb Brooks. There are two reasons why they won’t win the Conn Smythe. One, they are not Red Wing players and two, they are far too old to compete in the Cup playoffs let alone go to the finals. Oh, they were great when they played but that was 28 years ago and I don’t think “the legs are feeding the wolf" anymore. Besides, Mr. Brooks is in a much better place right now…..ok, dry your eyes and keep reading. 

Alright, 1980 hockey team not a winner and you ask who else won’t win? (Ask!) The boys from “Mystery, Alaska”. And why won’t they win. I have two more reasons why. One, they are not on the Red Wings team, either. And two, even though they can “skate like the wind,” IT’S A MOVIE!!! Those people are not real! They are actors unlike the Geico commercials you see on TV. OK, raise your hands, who didn’t see that coming? C’mon, tell the truth. 

So, where do we stand now? 1980 US Hockey team? NO! “Mystery” boys? NO! What does that leave us with? The next best hockey team in the world, bar none, the Detroit Red Wings. No other team comes close. No other team has the depth or the talent or the experience as the Wings do. When one gets hurt there is a teammate, equal to the task, to take his place (like in the case of Tomas Holmstrom being injured and Johann Franzen stepping in).  

Now comes the hard part. Which Red Wing will win the MVP trophy you ask? (ASK!!) I’ll tell you which one................................................................................tomorrow!!!!!