Dave Bautista Comments on Rumors of Possible WWE Return

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 15, 2013

(Photo: WWE)
(Photo: WWE)

WWE's list of part-time Superstars won't include former world champ Batista anytime soon.

The surest way to be disappointed is to believe every rumor floating around the web. Internet rumblings about Dave Bautista, better known as Batista by WWE fans, rejoining the company were loud enough that the subject of those rumors heard them and denounced them.

The Animal took to Twitter to shoot down rumors of his return. A warning to those offended by profanity, Batista didn't stick with PG-level language in his responses.  

If there were a font designated for sarcasm, that's what he would have written this tweet in:

Former WWE Superstar Montel Vontavious Porter, often the center of rumors himself, responded by saying, "LOL! It never ends!"

The concept of reading about himself saying and doing things he hadn't apparently done both tickled and angered Batista enough to go on a mini Twitter tirade. Just minutes after his first rumor-stomping tweet, Batista added this:

He went on to clarify his earlier comments in more straightforward fashion.

When he writes that he is "tied down for awhile," Batista is likely referring to his movie schedule which includes shooting Guardians of the Galaxy this summer. Batista may not be the box-office powerhouse that The Rock is, but he's had steady work in action movies and doesn't appear desperate to return to the ring.

It is telling, though, that he doesn't rule out coming back to WWE, instead saying in that third tweet, "Not that it wouldn't be nice." One can sense some openness to the idea there, so expect these rumors to continue.

Batista, like John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, MVP and Steve Austin will be the subject of rumors and speculation about a WWE return until they are all in retirement homes. The strength of nostalgia among wrestling fans and the impermanence of pro wrestling retirements will always have fans wishing for their favorites to come back.

Big name part-timers have come and gone in WWE recently, from Brock Lesnar to Rob Van Dam and, at age 44, Batista certainly isn't ancient yet. He looks to be in good shape and would be a welcome addition to a future WrestleMania or as a surprise entrant to a Royal Rumble. He's just not making a comeback right now.

Expect the rumors to keep resurfacing though, at least until he starts walking with a cane.