Baseball Fans: Don't Panic, There are Over 150 Games Left

Johnny SheaCorrespondent IApril 9, 2008

The season remains ever so young, but the opening week of baseball in 2008 had an enormous share of oddities.

The Baltimore Orioles lead the AL East with a 6-1 record with the defending World Series champion Red Sox in last, while the New York Mets find themselves at the rear of their division as well, and the star-powered Detroit Tigers remain winless after their first seven ballgames.

Where can I begin? The Detroit Tigers, star-studded with phenomenal 3B Miguel Cabrera, SP Dontrelle Willis, as well as their playoff-bound squad without their latest additions. Batting champion Magglio Ordonez and arguably the best catcher in baseball, Ivan Rodriguez, round out the starting lineup. Yet, they are in last place in the AL Central, far behind the leaders tied for first, the mediocre Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals.

Willis distributed seven walks in five innings and proves to remain an inconsistent pitcher. The Mets lack the effort they couldn't get rid of last season, and it now seems like they have no energy in the clubhouse. The defending champion BoSox are still recovering from jet-lag, and continue to get pounded by a decent Toronto roster.

Regardless of what is causing this mess in the MLB, this is a message to all of you baseball fans: don't panic. The year remains only seven games deep, meaning there are 155 left to play.

I've heard endless reports of the worry surrounding the baseball faithful, and ESPN reports practically preparing the Kansas City Royals for the playoffs, and kissing the Tigers goodbye until next spring.

The Tigers will be in the playoffs when October comes around, the Mets will hold the front of the NL East, and Baltimore will be fighting for the fourth spot in the AL East.

I am not just hoping or predicting, but I am positive.

Baseball fans, things will change. Just remember, the season is still young.