Luke Scott's Younger Brother is a Mountain of a Man and Possibly the Sasquatch

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJuly 2, 2013

Image via @RaysBaseball
Image via @RaysBaseball

The legend of Luke Scott grew a sight larger on Monday when the Tampa Bay Rays slugger went on camera with his younger brother, a bear of a man named Noah.

Scott and his mountainous brother were interviewed on MLB Network's Intentional Talk after the Rays’ 12-0 trouncing of the Houston Astros, and if you weren’t paying attention at home, you probably thought some kind of Ax Men cross-promotion was taking place on your screen. 

The strange sight of a giant burly woodsman on the playing field was spotted by Joe Kinsey of Busted Coverage, and believe me, he wasn’t the only one who took notice.

Clearly excited to have a member of the species this manly on their show, the hosts of Intentional Talk dove right into the nitty gritty, asking all the questions viewers were dying to know. The interview that followed was everything you could want.

Some quotes:

“We’ve taken up spear hunting.”

“Whoa! When’s the last time you got [your hair] cut?!” 

“What’s it look like when it’s not braided? Are we talking lead singer from Kiss?” 

“Lets find out.”

America did find out what Noah’s hair looked like unkempt. It was beautiful—in a Duck Dynasty meets Doomsday Preppers kind of way, as the people at Rays Index pointed out. 

You can’t teach that. That’s the beard of a man who wants nothing in life but cold steel in his hands and a warm fire in the hearth. And as visually entrancing as it is, it’s really not surprising that Luke’s brother is half Kodiak bear and hasn't cut his hair in five years

The Scott family is...the Scott family. Between Luke’s decidedly pro-gun political views and his penchant for bringing dead boar heads onto team property, who can honestly say they can’t believe there’s a hunter Hagrid in the bloodline?