What a Powerful Triple Threat Match This Would Be

chipper smithCorrespondent IMay 3, 2009

Just think: a triple threat match featuring Christian, Edge and Randy Orton! What a colossal match that would be. The three champions of Raw, ECW, and Smackdown. It would definitely be a power match.

Three extremely talented wrestlers, and two of them are arrogant, cynical, psychotic and can be dangerous and desperate when their titles are threatened. The third is what you may call charismatic, level headed and has been champion before.

Christian was in the WWE and then went over to TNA and became champion. He fought with the likes of Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Big Kevin Nash, and Booker T.

Edge and Christian were, once upon a time, tag team partners. I may be wrong, but, I think they were one of the most domineering tag team champions of the time. They just about invented TLC (tables, ladders and chairs) along with the Dudleys and the Hardy Boys.

In fact, there was an ongoing rivalry between the team of Edge and Chritian, and the Hardy Boys. And it was usually with extreme rules. That's how these two tag teams wanted it.

Randy Orton and Edge were tag team champions as well. They also fought each other at Vengeance in 2004, Randy Orton was champion and Edge took the IC belt. So it's not like they don't know how the other fights or know each other's moves moves.

It could be a triple threat elimination match, anything goes. It would be a bloody, all out, grueling, painful, tear your guts out, scratch your eyes, kick in the skull, match.

I absolutely think thats how it would go down, especially if there was something to gain from it. Three extreme wrestlers, and a match that could be a life-changing experience for them.

Picture this: a triple threat elimination match whoever is the last one in the ring, would become The All Time Greatest Champion. I know, three different brands, but it would still be exciting and brutal at the same time.

It could be a one-time only match. I think it could happen. I think it should because I would like to see who would win. Who would be the ultimate champion? WWE should invent a belt for that as well.

Hmmm, could be interesting, don't you think?