Jeff Hardy and Edge: Will History Repeat Itself at Judgement Day?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 2, 2009

Jeff Hardy won the right on this last Friday Night Smackdown to be the number one contender to face Edge for his heavyweight title at Backlash. Mr. Hardy had to eliminate three other opponents in a fatal four way elimination match. Kane, Jeff, Jericho, and Rey Mysterio were the participants.

Jeff is an extremist and risks whenever he wrestles. He doesn't know the words "limit or boundaries". He has a lot of heart and puts a lot of passion into what he does.

Edge, you will have to admit , whether you like him or not, is an excellent all around wrestler. Yes he is the ultimate opportunist, and  yes he does whine, and does have a wife who is the GM for Raw who can pull strings to get him into matches, get other wrestlers eliminated. All in all, he is good at what he does too.

When these two wrestlers collide, it always means that the match will be beyond extreme. And at Backlash it will be no different. Its going to be a fight to the end. We have a man who wants to keep his belt and another who wants to regain it.

At Judgement Day history may repeat itself. Jeff fought Edge and won the title at Armeggedon in 08 and lost it to Edge at the Royal Rumble when Matt interferred and turned on his own brother, hitting him in the head with a chair, knocking him out. Edge was in total shock as the rest of us were. Edge quickly covered Jeff and won the belt.

So it may happen that Matt may try to stop his brother from getting the title. His jealous attitude has put a big wedge between the two brothers. Also, Edge may have the match in his favor if Vickie Guerrero asks Big Show for his help one more time and interfere so Edge keeps his belt.

But will he do it? After he already costed John Cena his belt at Backlash?  What could she possibly give him in return. She wants to keep things professional, not intimate as they were before.

Thats another story. At Judgement Day, Edge may get a rude awakening and lose the one thing that means more to him than Vickie does. Jeff is on a mission and wants to prove that he can do the impossible and beat Edge again and become the heavyweight champion.

So I ask again, at Judgement Day, will history repeat itself and Jeff win the title?