Growing Tired of High School Star Lance Stephenson

kwame manuCorrespondent IMay 2, 2009

CORAL GABLES, FL - APRIL 01:  Lance Stephenson #1 of the East Team lays the ball up over Avery Bradley Jr. #11 of the West Team in the 2009 McDonald's All American Men's High School Basketball Game at BankUnited Center on April 1, 2009 in Coral Gables, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

I bought the hype. I watched the movie. I watched him on national TV. I followed the recruitment circus that surrounds him. 

Now, I'm bored.

Lance Stephenson is one the few high profile prep stars that is yet to decide where they will be playing basketball next year. Now, I really couldn't care.

After Brandon Jennings took the route to Europe, it was expected by many that Stephenson would follow suit. Stephenson quickly changed his mind and the recruiting circuis commenced. It seemed that every school was on his list. 

He dragged along the media as he mentioned interest in USC, UCLA, Maryland, Kansas, Memphis, St. John's (yes, St John's the Big East bottom feeder), just to name a few. 

He was set to make an announcement as to where he would attend school during the McDonald's All American game on March 31. But no that would be to easy. After dodging several questions of the media as to why he has not yet chosen a school, Stephenson jump right back in the recruiting ring. 

Since then it was assumed that he had his list down to three school: Maryland, St. John's (yes, St John's), and Kansas. Since prep star Xavier Henry is attending Kansas, it is very unlikely that Stephenson will be able to attend that school.

Doing simple math, that leaves us with to schools...right? Wrong. Recently, Lance has broadened his recruiting to several new schools. Some of these schools were never even put on the radar to begin with. Arizona and Kentucky are now supposedly in the mix for his services.

Now, take a moment to digest all this.

Now think. Is he even worth it. It's not like he is a LeBron James. He doesn't have the talent of Kobe or Kevin Garnett. So why should anyone even care.

Prep stars create a media circus around them. A hype machine, whether or not they are deserving. This creates headaches not only for fans, but for college coaches as well. 

How is a coach supposed to prepare for the next year when they don't even know who is going to be on their roster. It is May 2. Most students know where they are going to school. 

Why should high school players like Lance Stephenson, who are probably only going to spend 1 year in college anyways, get humored. 

I feel it's not worth it. He's not the second coming of anything. Where Stephenson goes next year, is a mystery. A mystery I don't care to find out.

Call me when he's in the NBA.