Manchester United: Wayne Rooney v Cristiano Ronaldo

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IApril 7, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo, a man on a mission to break all records, his tally of goals this season is astounding, one of the highest scoring midfielders of possibly all time.

Fantastic footwork and free kick taking, his speed and aerial ability are great to watch.

But does this make him the best player at Manchester United right now?

Wayne Rooney, also a great star in his own right and seems to be at present, living in Ronaldo's shadow.

But is he really?

If you look at Wayne's work rate compared to Cristiano, its unbelievable, he just never seems to stop running, chasing dead balls, running back to defend and is usually in every attack situation as well.

His assists are second to none, the big difference is obviously the goal scoring but my question is, who is the better all round player?

I personally think they are both great players but if I had to choose, it would be Wayne Rooney right now, his commitment and determination for the team, takes some beating.

He is not after the glory, unlike Cristiano, he just wants to play football no matter who its against, in my eyes the man has a true passion for the game and possibly that's one of the main reason's he gets booked more for questioning decisions with referee's.

If their was ever a great man for the true captaincy at United, it should be Wayne, he leads from the front, constantly aware of what is going on around him and able to see dangers from all sides.

He leads most of the charges into enemy territory and is seldom left out in play, in fact he makes so much of it with his ability, skill and awareness, always a threat and most of all, he has unpredictibility and keeps the other side guessing what he will do next.

Most might not agree with this article but its only my personal thoughts and feelings but as ever any input, good or bad is welcomed, at least it allows for some discussion and isn't that why we are here for?