If Chris Paul Deserves an MVP Award, so Does Deron Williams

Sean StancillSenior Writer IApril 7, 2008

The MVP award is about redemption isn’t it? It's about how much work a superstar has put in not just this season but for the last couple of seasons. That will certainly be a factor in Kobe’s case. Chris Paul’s too.  What about Deron Williams?

In his rookie year (2005-06), Williams led the Utah Jazz to a 41-41 record, good for 2nd in their division after they were only 26-56 before his arrival.

Last year, he made Utah a playoff team, as they finished atop the Northwest division with a 51-31 record. In the postseason, he beat Yao, McGrady and the Rockets and Baron Davis and the Golden State Warriors, which advanced the Jazz to the Western Conference Finals.

They managed to wrestle away a game from the eventual champions—the San Antonio Spurs—before going down in defeat.

What did Chris Paul do? Chris Paul took his team to a losing record in his first year there, 39-43.

If people are going to argue about the crazy numbers Paul has this season, they need to take a look at this. Their numbers are almost identical.

Chris Paul: 21.5 points per game, an NBA-best 11.5 assists per game, four rebounds, 2nd in the league in double-doubles

Deron Williams: 19.5 points per game, 10.5 assists per game, three rebounds per game, 4th in the league in double-doubles

Williams has the edge in blocks, three-point shooting, turnovers, and field goal percentage. Paul has it in points, assists, rebounds, free throw shooting, and steals.

Look at their head-to-head matchups: Utah 99 New Orleans 71, Utah 110 New Orleans 88. 

In game one (99-71), Chris Paul had 15 points, six assists, six rebounds, and five turnovers on 5-12 shooting. Who was guarding him? Deron Williams.

Deron Williams had 12 points, seven assists, rebounds, and shot 6-9 in New Orleans. 

In game two, Paul only had six points, six assists, and four rebounds on 3-11 shooting, thanks again to D. Willz.

Williams had 29 points and 11 assists after shooting 11-13 to sweep the season series with the New Orleans Hornets. 

In game 3, April 8, 2008

Deron Williams had 4 points and 16 assists

Chris Paul had 4 points 9 assists on 2-11 shooting

Furthermore, the Utah Jazz are 18-7 since the All-Star Break and the Hornets are 20-7 since the All-Star Break.

What else needs to be said about how Williams is better than Paul? Deron Williams deserves the MVP award just as much as Chris Paul.