Strasbourg and Belfast: My Hectic WWE Live Events Attendance

David BowstonCorrespondent IApril 30, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  World Heavyweight Champion Edge walks to the ring during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

In a strange mix up with the ticket company, because we booked the tickets in France, we somehow got tickets to the Strasbourg event.

When we got home, we discovered there were tickets to the Raw event in Belfast as well; I don't know if I broke the law or not but it was worth it.


Strasbourg, France

Ok here is the deal, whilst on a much-needed road trip with seven other guys me and my only other wrestling loving friend snuck off to discuss WWE, we decided to book tickets to the live event in Belfast, our original hometown.

So at this point we were in Paris whilst booking, we made the bookings for two tickets, Odessy Arena Belfast and to be delivered to our parents' homes in Belfast.

About two days later, much to the teasing of our friends we recieved tickets for Strasbourg. I don't know how this happened because I didn't pay for them or even book them, but nonetheless we attended. We weren't disappointed.

The first (and best) match of the night was Evan Bourne vs. Tyson Kidd, I was undoubtedly the loudest person in the arena, at one point I even shouted "EVAN I LOVE YOU!" then turned round to my friend and asked what the hell I was doing.

An amazing back and forth match with Evan getting the victory, a side note here, if you think the SSP is impressive on TV, it is 100 times better live: the height, the elevation, the curvature of his body. It inspired me to unsuccessfully attempt it when I got back to the hotel.

Next up was Finlay vs. Mark Henry, I almost fell asleep for this match, it was good seeing Finlay, but there was like no crowd reaction to anything, even the win, which Finlay finally got after help from Horny.

Next I went to the lil' boys room and literally missed the divas match. Now normally, I wouldn't be disappointed but I was dying to see Maryse.

MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin was a typical Benjamin match: he performs way better than his opponent but ends up putting the face over. One cool spot was Shelton sprinted up the steps, lept to the turnbuckle and did a rolling powerbomb on MVP.

Way more cheers for Shelton than for MVP, but MVP got the win with a drive by kick I think, I can't remember because I was discussing Shelton's future with other fans.

Next up was the Hardys' street fight;mit was decent with more weapon action that wrestling. Matt discussed using the chair he destroyed Jeff's career with in a great promo. Matt completely out performed Jeff, I love both these guys but I found myself cheering for Matt by the end.

Next up was Undertaker and HHH vs. Legacy, another good match but I have to say Ted DiBiase really could be top level in the business already, he is so much higher than Cody Rhodes, who is seriously skinny in real life.

Taker and Trips got the victory and after the match kinda starred each other down it was weird but on the titantron people were talking about a flash of light then "Undertaker 2010 RIP Tour. Undertaker retires live in Europe." I didn't see this but it was the general buzz.


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Before this match, I actually went to were they were entering with a 20 pence (cents) ring from a McDonald's Happy Meal (reliving childhood) in an attempt to propose to Kelly Kelly but I couldn't find her. I doubt it would have worked anyway.

In the arena I got talking to a guy behind us who mentioned that he was a plant for a spot in tonight's show. This actually seemed likely because we were right at the front so we nervously watched the heels actions.

Kofi vs. William Regal was a decent match, Regal really tore into Northern Ireland as he made his entrance, I tried unsuccessfully to hit him, he gave me a despiteful stare. Luckily for me Kofi beat him with a stunning kick.

Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler, when Dolph entered I was screaming "Hi IM D BOWSTON!" but he didnt look my way, Kane litterally just came in hit the signatures, chokeslam, over and walked out.

BEST moment of my life came up next, Santina Marella, Beth Phoenix and Melina had all entered, I was waiting on the love of my life, the girl I want to call my wife, so nice they named her twice, Kelly Kelly.

She came down to the ring and looked sensational, honestly words cannot describe. As she made her entrance she high fived the crowd and I stretched out as far as I could and managed to touch her finger.

I honestly never wanted to wash my hand again, when they exited I held up my "Marry Me Kelly!" sign and she smiled at me. I nearly fainted.

I tried to punch the Miz before his match with Goldust but he was too far away. Goldust was actually really nice, he signed my arm for some reason when I had a piece of paper.

Miz won with a Reality Check but the sound of Goldust's skull crack Miz's knee was horrifying.

In the words of Lillian Garcia "The team of Charlie Haas and Mike Knox..THE BLAHFLAGAR" well thats what I heard, they made a proper entrance like a stable and they gave a name, but I couldn't hear.

Mike Knox is a big dude and dominated the match but no crowd reaction at all.

John Morrison vs. Jamie Noble ended really quick but John Morrison has one hell of a body, male or female, you will drool. I am jealous of his abs.

JoMo got the win with a moonlight drive. Side note: he used a new kinda Rick Rude/Val Venis style taunt showing off his abs, which the ladies loved.

Chris Jericho is gold. The man can work any crowd in the world to hated him, surprisingly he came out to a pop but within minutes he was getting some real heat.

He jumped into the crowd and insulted the plant who was behind us so he was telling the truth, apparently I could be heard around the arena saying "Go on Chris" but I highly doubt it.

CM Punk got booed, his music hit and the crowd kinda went "oh not him again" as if he was the annoying uncle at Christmas time.

CM Punk tried for a cheap pop by mentioning how good Belfast was, but he was surprised when he got booed. Punk hit the GTS for a win in a match Jericho carried.

After the next match everyone was saying the same thing, Mysterio and Cena make on hell of a team.

Cena literally tossed Mysterio onto Edge and Big Show several times, one cool spot was Rey jumping onto Cena's shoulders into an F-U, Attitude Adjustment whatever position then being flipped onto Big Show. Rey hit the splash for the win.

Both events were absolutely amazing but the highlight was definitely seeing the Shooting Star Press, as well as Kelly Kelly. Just Kelly Kelly.

When she was signing an autograph, I winked at her and she said she can't winked and I tried to teach her but security moved her along. I swear it is destined for us to be together...I wish.


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