Stanley Cup Playoffs: Predictions

Mike BogaczCorrespondent IApril 6, 2008



(3) Wild (6) Avalanche-The avs have more scoring depth, and the better blue line, but Theodore is a factor, which Theodore will show up in the playoffs? The wild still play the defense trap when they have the lead, which has caused FITS for the avs in the past.  Ryan Smyth needs to be captain Canada smyth, getting the blue collar goals, but I don’t for see that happening. This will be a tough, but the wild seem to have better ability to put teams/games away this year, than the avs do, it wont be as heart breaking as the wilds 2003 upset, thank god Richard Park and Andrew Brunette are not in the green sweaters. Point is, I think Forsberg will find his playoff switch, Avs in a TOUGH 6 game series

(1) Red Wings (8) Preds. The preds gave the wings a nice first round run in the 2004 quterfinals, but that was a better preds team, this is a feel good story for Nashville considering the fire sale they had last off season, but if the preds damage the wings (lidstrom, cleary) the wings might pay later on in the playoffs. Losing all but 3 games in February should be a wake up call for the winged wheels. Wings in 5

(2) Sharks (6) Flames- Both teams are no strangers to one another in the playoffs, each winning a series, but the sharks seem to have a bigger fire under them. Nabakov has been very tough in net, tougher than his counterpart in Kipurouff. The trade deadline of Brian Campbell seemed to spark the sharks. This WILL be a very physical series with both teams liking to check and fight (I hope both Jody Shelly and Eric Godard are dressed) it would do wonders for the sharks if both Chechoo and Marleau wake up from both their season long slumps, if that does happen LOOK OUT western conference. Both teams have aging veterans Roenick for the sharks, and owen Nolan for the flames. Thornton-Iginla will be a very great all star match up, but big joe will win this round Sharks in 6

(4) Ducks (5) Stars- The defending cup champs have had an interesting season, almost a tale of 2 seasons, the before scott niedermayer/ teemu sleanne and the After. The after obviously is a better team but can they repeat? Dallas seems to have been sparked by the trade for Brad Richards, but seemed to be on cruise control the last few weeks of the season, both teams will be physical, the stars seemed to want to send the ducks a message of, “hey were tough” in their season finale game versus the sharks, but that wont work, but Turco will steal this series. Stars in 6



(1)Canadians (8) Bruins HEY an Original 6 series. The Habs pretty much will be without captain Saku Koivu for, well who knows. But the highest scoring team in the NHL WILL miss him. Trouble is the bruins goalie, Tim Thomas, this is his first taste of the playoffs, same for habs rookie goalie Cary Price, but the habs are the best in the east for a reason, but those feisty bruins will put up a fight, Habs in 6

(2)Penguins (7) Senators  With the ducks it’s the tale of two seasons, with last years Eastern Conference champs, the tail of two teams, the Sens started the season VERY hot and running out the gate with the best start in NHL history, to bad the season  roughly  6 months long. Last year the sens were the better, and healthy team this year, with out alfredsson (huge blow) and with out mike fisher (minor blow) and regardless of the health of Sidney Crosby, malkin and hossa will be way to much for the downward spiral senators to handle -Pens in a clean sweep 4 games

(3) Capitals (6) Flyers- The hottest team in the east will be playing a modern day broad street bullies copy, the flyers will try and try again to go the rough him up to knock him off his game route on Ovechkin, but alex seems to play much better when he gets roughed up, (hey, you broke my nose  No problem, I will score 4 goals on you, mister montreal Canadiens.) point is, the hottest team is going in the playoffs hot, but it will be a rough and tumble series, regardless, Capitals in 5

(4) Devils (5) Rangers- This is the bore fest series, goaltending, goaltending. Who will want it more? Brodeur or lundqvist? This will be a low scoring affair, im talking 2-1 final scores, and perhaps 2-3 overtime games, but the team with the better brick wall in the pipes, obviously the team with the better timing on the scoring will win, thus shanny, drury and jagr will lead the Rangers in 6


Playoff predictions

Western conference  Semi Finals

(1)    Wings (6) Avalanche-wings sweep in 4

(2)    Sharks (5) Stars Sharks in 6

Western Conference Finals

Wings-Sharks- Sharks in 6

Eastern Conference Semi-finals

(1)-Candadiens  (5)Rangers- Rangers in 6

(2) Penguins (3) Capitals-Penguins in 6

Western Conference Finals

(1)    Wings (2) Sharks- Sharks in 6

Eastern Conference Finals

(2)    Penguins (5) Rangers- Penguins in 5