WWE SuperStars, Week Two: Inception of the Next Generation

AkDSenior Writer IApril 30, 2009

Opening Segment: Tiffany's Announcements

"Hello WWE Universe, welcome to WWE SuperStars. I have some exciting news! First, Big Show will face Shelton Benjamin in a non title match here tonight in the main event!"

The crowd erupts.

"WWE's King of The Ring is being brought back and will be live June 7th on PPV! Sixteen hopeful superstars will mix it up in hopes of becoming the King of The Ring!"

"That's not all. No, I'm proud to announce the first ever Queen of The Ring Tournament!  WWE's most dominant divas will duke it out to determine the first Queen of the ring! The tournament starts tonight! Also..."

"Break the walls down!"

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic.

"Nice speech tuts, now hit the road, Chris Jericho is here".

"Sorry Jericho, but I run this show. I will tell you that you can pack up your camera crew 'cause they'll be no Highlight Reel tonight".

"Well excuse me miss jolly rancher. Listen up honey, I'll tell you one more time. THIS IS MY SHOW. You want to book Benjamin vs. Show? Do yourself a favor and make a real money match".

"You want to face Big—"

"'Did I finish speaking? That's the problem with women, they seem to think they're intelligent with their skirts and power suits."

Women start booing Jericho.

"I was talking about Shawn Michaels, I'm not apart of Smackdown as far as I'm concerned. Back to business, Tiff, lets's face it...you're just a pretty face. Don't worry Y2J has it all covered. Why don't you go backstage and answer phone calls like the secretary you are. I will handle this show".

Lance Cade grabs Tiffany's mic.

"Don't even think about speaking, just leave. ARE YOU BLIND? It's obvious that these idiots all are, but you Tiff? I—

CM Punk's music hits, and he hits the ring.

"Stop the crap again. This is WWE SuperStars, not a soap opera. You lost at mania Jericho stop crying and go to SD, already!"

"Thank you CM."

"Umm, I didn't come out here to defend you Tiffany, so hush your mouth. I'm straight edged. I don't smoke, I don't drink..do you know what that means? I'm BETTER than each and everyone one of you".

Punk gets a loud boo.

You think you're "cool" punk? You're full of shit. CM? Constipated Man..that's what it means. Your mouth is full with residue just like the rest of these drooling, babbling, incompetent, nonsensical, parasite, utterly useless hypocrites."

"Wow, you can talk to talk Jericho, I give you that, but you haven't been in the ring since WrestleMania. How bout you walk to walk? I'll be waiting".

CM Punk knees Jericho in the face and hits the GTS on Lance Cade.

Tiffany announces Chris Jericho versus CM Punk for after the commercial.

Chris Jericho versus CM Punk

Punk comes out first and is brushing off the fans. Jericho's music hits and Lance Cade comes out on stage instead.

"Listen up Punk, you've seem to forgot that Jericho isn't wrestling unless it's for a world title or contendership for a world title. Who do you think you are? You wanna sneak attack me? Well Jericho has decided I can take you out instead".

"Oh I'm so scared."

Cade heads down to the ring, and the match begins. Cade puts Punk in a headlock, and then Punk counters with a takedown. Cade gets to his feet, just to get hit with a kick-slap combo and gets Irish whipped into the corner.

Punk gives him a running knee and follows up with a bulldog. Punk goes the pin, but Cade kicks out at two. Punk exits the ring and goes for the springboard clothesline. Cade dropkicks him in mid-air. He picks up Punk and hits him with a clothesline.

He goes for the cover, and Punk kicks out at two. Cade signals the end and goes on the top rope. He tries the elbow drop, but sees Punk getting up, so he settles for a double axle handle.

Cade jumps in he air, and Punk catches him on his shoulders. Cade wiggles, but Punk hits the GTS. Punk goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

Backstage Segment: Tiffany's Office

Katie Lee Burchill walks in the office and looks worried.

"Tiff, I adore you...I really do, but do I have to compete tonight?"

"Relax Katie, I can hear your heartbeat. It's going to be alright, Team Swagger is not here tonight...no one is going to hurt your dear".

"Oh, Thanks I—"

"I'm wrestling her?"

Michelle McCool walks in.

"Ladies, you two will face off in the first match in the queen of the ring tournament now—"

McCool cuts off Tiffany.

"I hope your boyfriend is nocturnal, you'll be in the ER all night when I'm done with you. Speaking of him, he must be ashamed to have a GIRL-friend. Katie, stop being a girl and be a woman."

"Woman? That's funny cause women have titles and last time I checked..."

Katie circles McCool and looks her up and down.

"You don't have one"

"Girl, it doesn't matter who is champ, I'm the most dominant diva in the WWE. Unlike you, I'll be in competition at Backlash, and I'll show Natalya who the dominant one is between us".

McCool pulls off Katie's necklace and throws it in the garbage.

"Tell your boyfriend to get it."

Katie Lee slaps Michelle so hard she falls down on Tiffany's couch. Katie gets her necklace and walks out, while McCool's face is ketchup red.

Katie Lee Burchill vs. Michelle McCool (Queen of the Ring Opening Round)

Michelle starts off by holding a test of strength with Katie Lee.  She easily overpowered Katie Lee and starts pounding on her. Katie Lee ends up covering her face as McCool becomes insane.

She has a sadistic look on her face, and she continues pounding on Katie Lee. The ref warns her of being DQ'ed, and McCool backs off. Upon her return, Katie has slowly gotten to her feet and eye rakes McCool.

Katie follows up with two big clotheslines, and the momentum suddenly shifted. Katie grabbed a handful of McCool's hair and tossed her across the ring. She runs towards McCool and evades her.

Katie turns around to a big boot in the face. McCool goes for the pin. One...two...McCool breaks her own pin. She performs a huge face buster, then finishes off Katie with the MATD (Make a Diva Tap).

Winner via submission: Michelle McCool

Katie covers her face, while McCool laughs on her way up the ramp. She smiles and makes the title gesture by moving her hands around her waist.

Promo: KOTR, June 7th, 2009 Live on PPV

Another promo for The Race to Judgment Day tournament is shown, as ECW's finest stars duke it out for a chance to main event for the ECW title. Josh Matthews tries to catch up with McCool.

Backstage Segment: McCool's victory interview

"Michelle, what a dominant victory'? Any words?"

"Katie Lee better go snuggle up with her boyfriend. Maybe he can tell her the difference between girls and women. She was just a pit stop, she's jealous of me. She's jealous just like Natalya, Mickey James, and every other diva in the WWE."

"Every man is ashamed that their girlfriends isn't me. To make it clear...I'm going to be crowned the diva's champion, and that's that. It doesn't matter if it's Natalya or Mickie I—"

"Hi Michelle, I'm Mickie! I saw your match and you've got spunk, might I say. Maybe you and I will meet in the finals 'cause that's where I'm going."

McCool looks Mickie up and down and smirks.

"As I was saying Jim—"

"It's Josh."

"Whatever, who cares? Do your job and shut up! You should consider yourself lucky to be standing next to a real women. The title is MINE."

McCool walks away and leaves Mickie and Matthews in the back.

Lance Cade is shown giving Katie Lee an icepack, as she gives him one for his bloody nose courtesy of the GTS he received from CM Punk earlier. The two start to laugh. The laughter stops when Vladimir Koslov passes by.

Main event: Big Show vs. Shelton Benjamin (Non-title)

Shelton Benjamin comes out first with the MITB case and the U.S. title. He picks up the mic and starts speaking.

"Come on, Big Show! I've beaten RVD, I've beaten HBK, you're next. Come on Big Slow, it looks like you'll be the easiest of the three champs for me to beat. You can stay backstage like a coward, but know that I can cash in that title at anytime."

Big Show appears on the titan tron in street clothes.

"Benjamin relax, your real feisty, might I say. ECW superstars will wrestle anyone, and HBK just wanted to put on a show. Unlike them, I don't wrestle just anyone. I'm the world's largest athlete and World Heavyweight champion. To simply put it Benjamin...you're not ready for the big leagues yet, see you around...little man."

Benjamin looks highly disappointed then proceeds to issue an open challenge to anyone in the back.

Vladimir Koslov comes out.

"You want competition...I want competition. You will be a stepping stone to global domination."

Main Event: Vladimir Koslov vs. Shelton Benjamin

The two men square off in the ring. Benjamin runs to the ropes, but Koslov shoulder blocks him off the rebound. He picks up Benjamin with one hand, and Benjamin delivers a kick to the abdomen. Koslovstumbles back, and Benjamin goes for the dragon whip.

Koslov catches Benjamin's leg and the other, as he spins it around and raises him in the air with a military press. Show follows up with tossing Benjamin outside of the ring. He exits the ring using the steel steps, while Benjamin crawls away from the giant.

He picks up Benjamin, and Irish whips him into the the steel steps. The top steps flew off, and the U.S. champion was screaming in agony. He stepped on Benjamin and picked him up once more and posted him on the ring post

"I'm not RVD, I'm no HBK, I'm Koslov!"

Koslov goes for the headbutt, and Benjamin moves. Kolsov's knuckles bounced off the ring post, and he grabbed his hand, as he face fumed up like a spoiled child. Benjamin hops on the ropes and does a spring board dropkick on Big Show, after breaking the ref's 10-count, which sends Koslov into the barricade.

Benjamin goes for a stinger splash, and Koslov catches him once more. Koslov picks up steam and runs Benjamin right into the ring post. The gold standard looks pretty much finished, and Show breaks the ref count once more.

Benjamin uses the barricade to pull himself back up, as fans pat him on the back. Koslov goes for a big boot, and Benjamin ducks. Koslov's leg goes over the barricade, and he lands on the family jewels. Benjamin gets in the ring as the ref counts.

Koslov gets in at the eight count. Benjamin lines up for the pay dirt and goes for it. Show pushes Benjamin across the ring. Koslov climbs to the second rope and goes for the Vader-like splash. No one is home, as Mr. MITB gets out of the way.

Koslov landed on his arm, and Benjamin locks in an arm bar immediately. Benjamin is tugging on Show's arm as he screams in pain. Benjamin puts Koslov in a crossface, and Koslov has no where to go.

Koslov begins to fade and the ref picks up and drops his hand. The ref does it again. For the second time, Koslov's arm hits the mat. Benjamin is literally drooling for the victor, as veins stretch across his face.

The ref drops Koslov's hand a third time, but Koslov raises to his feet. Benjamin is still holding on, and Koslov tosses him to the corner turnbuckle as he tries to regroup. Benjamin lands on the top turnbuckle and leaps in the air.

He connects with an over-castle neck breaker, and Benjamin has dropped Koslov for the first time. Benjamin hurries for the pin. One...two...Koslov kicks out. Benjamin stomps out Koslov's arm and hits a leg drop.

He goes for the pin, one...two...

Koslov flings Benjamin in the air and he lands on the ref. Benjamin gets up, and Vladimir Koslov hits him with a huge belly to belly. The ref slowly comes around. One...two... Benjamin kicks out! Koslov picks up Benjamin and throws him to the corner.

He delivers a thunderous shoulder thrusts to his abdomen and pins Benjamin. One...two... Benjamin puts his leg on the ropes. Benjamin rolls out of the ring and grabs his MITB case. He's had enough, and Koslov is thirsty for battle.

He pulls Benjamin back in the ring with his bare hands and goes for the headbutt. Benjamin guards his chest with the case, and Koslov's head collides with it.

Winner by DQ: Vladamir Koslov

Benjamin lines up for the pay dirt, but gets headbutted in mid-air as he jumps. The U.S. champ falls to the ground gasping to breathe. Koslov throws Benjamin high in the air and performs a one-handed spine buster that sent chills down the spine of the crowd and Benjamin. The U.S. champ rolls out of the ring, and Koslov throws the MITB case out of the ring.


The show ends with Koslov standing in the middle of the ring.


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