The Prince of NASCAR and an F1 Driver Tied for 15th: What?

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJune 1, 2016

Just blow me over with a feather! How can this be? A driver born into the royalty of the NASCAR world and a so called invader by most of the press are tied in the standings.

Remember the "open wheel invasion" media blitz? Yes! I was scared; I wasn't sure if they were going to take me away.

I never did understand that invasion thing. According to Webster (go figure, me quoting Webster, Mr. Freund told me to learn how to spell), an invasion is a forceful entry, usually done to conquer or control.

I would assume most of those open wheelers were hired by the various teams to participate, I am only guessing, or maybe they just showed up and forcefully took over their rides.

Most of those invaders have been fired. There are three standing and two of them doing well; the most surprising is invader No. 1, Juan Pablo Montoya.

Only 10 races into his third year in a stock car, Montoya has run up front most of the year and sits 15 in the standings.

Maybe being tied with Jr. gives him some credibility.

As a cross over fan I can say I love NASCAR and I'll watch it even if Juan was not racing there, but I also love F1 and that series without Michael Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya playing head games most Sundays is boring.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about.

And another.