The Nickel: Hardy Didn't "Quit", MVP Makes Bold Move, RAW Recap

AkDSenior Writer IApril 27, 2009

Continuation of destoying the Divas division

WWE just further buried the divas division by continuing to push the crappy Santina/Miss Wrestlemania storyline. Eight women wrestled in a tag match and that meant one thing — disaster.

Every time multiple divas tag up the match ends in less than five minutes. Tonight was no exception. Brie Bella teamed with Mickie James, Kelly Kelly and some other "diva" faced off against Rosa Mendes, Beth Phoenix, Maryse, and Jillian Hall.

Instead of a good match we were subjected to nonsense in which people thought was funny. Brie Bella ran under the ring and Nikki Bella popped out with her along with Hornswoggle.

I didn't know both Bellas were instantly on good terms again. Hornswoggle chases Rosa Mendes away and Beth and Maryse try to stop him?! Jillian Hall was watching the entire thing transpire as she was the legal diva and "Santina" rolled her up for the pin. Maryse, Mickie James, and Kelly Kelly (I think) didn't even get to wrestle..way to go WWE.


Cena's Return

Are you serious?

The guy gets chokeslamed through a search light and appears on RAW the next night?...and they say he isn't superman. How long was he backstage for? Miz was crapping all over him in an excellent segment.

He stands on the stage staring at Big Show, who comes out of the ring and walks towards Cena. Focused on Cena that Big Show forgot the 10 count and got counted out before he could make it back to the ring to his number one contender match against Batista.

Batista won via countout and earned his one on one match with Orton at Judgement day.

Cena continued to stare a furious Show down.


Orton vs MVP

Well, it was nice while it lasted. MVP is light years over hyped now. Gets the U.S. title, goes to RAW, faces Orton and he'll retain when he faces Ziggler on SD! People can drool over the match all they want, but it wasn't impressive.

I can't believe they actually tried to put him on Orton.

Why couldn't he lose cleanly?

Why is Shane McMahon still trying to fight Orton?

What does Shane McMahon and MVP have in common?  They're both 38.

Back to the match, I'm tired of seeing that half assed belly to belly. This is the man who's the future? Orton sold that move like everyone else does. He interrupts Orton in the opening of RAW and sounds like Cena 2.0. Shane needs to go somewhere as well. How many times did he beat up? Now we'll have Shane vs Orton next week, great...


Miz's Segment

Hmm, where do I start?

"What does Paris Hilton, Hailey and Hilary Duff have in common? They all have their numbers in my phone".

"Do you know why I can't see you Cena? I can't see you cause your movies don't last long enough in theatres".

Miz went on to call out Cena to a match and gloated when Cena didn't come out. Miz didn't wrestle, but he delivered probably the best part of RAW.


Rest of The Show

-Matt Hardy didn't quit..he's still around. Hardy suffered a broken hand my the hands of Jeff. Matt defeated Goldust (He's still around?) by hitting him from behind with his hand cast.

-Vickie Guerrero goes the whole show without saying "EXCUSE ME!"

-Kofi Kingston looked pretty good in an singles match  against Brian Kendrick, who didn't perform too bad himself.

The Colons won some lame squash tag match against Jamie Noble and Chavo Guerrero