Golden State Warriors vs. S.A. Spurs: Game 2 Score, Highlights and Analysis

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Golden State Warriors vs. S.A. Spurs: Game 2 Score, Highlights and Analysis

Game 2 between the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors was not the same high-scoring affair that Game 1 was, surprisingly enough, but the Warriors managed to even up the series with the 100-91 victory Wednesday night.

San Antonio was able to hit just five of their 21 three-point attempts, compared to Golden State knocking down 11 of 23, and the Spurs just couldn't mount a huge comeback in back-to-back performances.

Klay Thompson was the big hero of Game 2, nearly tying the playoff record for most three-pointers made with eight. He also played some incredible defense and finished the night with 34 points in the victory.

Stephen Curry started off the game in the same groove that he found himself during the third quarter of Game 1, scoring nine of Golden State's first 10 points and making it seem as if he was playing "HORSE" in the middle of a playoff game.

As usual, however, those pesky two-pointers dragged down Golden State's shooting percentage in the first quarter. They made four of their eight three-pointers, but just six of 14 shots inside the arc.

San Antonio was able to hang in with the Warriors in the first thanks to some outstanding offensive rebounding. Six offensive boards will make up for shooting 35 percent from the floor.

Curry and Klay Thompson continued to dominate throughout the early part of the second quarter, but the Spurs continued to hang with them. San Antonio used second-chance points galore and transition buckets to make up for the fact that they continued to shoot below 40 percent.

However, a 9-0 run by the Warriors in less than two minutes gave the Warriors a 13-point lead and put the Spurs in a big hole for the second straight game.

Once again, San Antonio cut into the lead, getting back to within six points, but three-pointers rained for Golden State and the Warriors stretched the lead all the way back up to 16.

San Antonio continued to miss three-pointers, but they were getting a quietly solid night from Tim Duncan, who picked up 17 points on his first 11 attempts.

Thompson finished the half with 29 points on a ridiculous 7-of-8 from three-point range, giving the Warriors a 19-point lead after the first two quarters.

San Antonio came out with a bit more offensive competence, finally hitting their first three-pointer of the game on a Danny Green bomb to cut the deficit to 15.

It took the Spurs until well into the third quarter, but a huge dunk from Kawhi Leonard, a technical foul on Festus Ezeli, a three-pointer from Danny Green, and some hack-a-Bogut finally did cut the lead to single digits.

Of course, all it took was a Thompson three-pointer to put Golden State at an 11-point advantage going into the fourth quarter. With a little bit of some ugly back-and-forth, San Antonio was able to put together a bit less ugly than the Warriors and cut the lead to just eight points with eight minutes to play.

Golden State looked to be in the same funk that they fell into during San Antonio's comeback in Game 1, but Draymond Green came up with a big three-pointer to kill the Spurs' momentum after bringing the game to a six-point margin.

Suddenly we had a contest between guards—Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker taking on the offensive load for the Spurs, Jarrett Jack and Curry doing it all for the Warriors.

A long two put the Warriors up by 10 with under two minutes to go, and that just about sealed it, leaving all four conference semifinal series tied at one game apiece.

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Stephen Curry started off the game in full-on heat-check mode, actually nailing a one-footed three-pointer on his way to scoring nine of Golden State's first 10 points.

Putback dunks were all the rage in the first quarter, with Kawhi Leonard and Harrison Barnes both getting in on the action.

Golden State was doing great work early on, but it was mostly two dudes.

Of course, all that offensive firepower was giving Kent Bazemore a ton to celebrate about.

Klay Thompson, who fouled out in Game 1, worked his way up to 23 points with three minutes left in the second quarter.

In those final three minutes, Thompson went ahead and hit two more three-pointers, hitting seven of eight in the first half.

San Antonio fell into a 19-point hole at halftime, and things weren't looking good for the home team.

For the second postseason in a row, Gregg Popovich gave a memorable playoff speech coming out of a timeout. There wasn't a "Give me some nasty" quote to pull out of it, but I'm still damn motivated.

This pretty much described the first four minutes of the fourth quarter.

Curry knocked down a long two with under two minutes left in the game to put the Warriors up by 10.

Tracy McGrady came into the game and that was it—Golden State took a win back to Oakland, 100-91.

The Warriors may have completely blown a huge lead in Game 1, but they came into San Antonio and did what every road team aims to do to start a series and split the first two road games.

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