Hughes vs. Serra: Does Anyone Care?

Jake DixonCorrespondent IApril 27, 2009

LONDON - JULY 13:  Carlos Newton of Canada battles with Matt Hughes of the USA during the Ultimate Fighting Championship, 'Brawl in the Royal Albert Hall', in the Royal Albert Hall London, England on July 13, 2002. (Photo by John Gichigi/Getty Images)

With UFC 98 on its way, the co-main events couldn't be any different in terms of magnitude of the fight as well as where the four fighters are in regards to their respective careers.

Evans v.s Machida will showcase to of the youngest, most successful fighters in the UFC.  Both of them undefeated and both of them are young, explosive, and ready for the big time if they are not already there.

If Evans wins, he will defend his title for the first time and be in place for a big money match against Quinton Jackson sometime this summer.  If Machida wins, he will hopefully prove the doubters of his fighting style that he is legit and worthy of being the champ.

That fight is why I will shell out $45 on May 23. The other main event is a reason why I hope the under card has some good fights. Matt Hughes v.s Matt Serra is a day late and a dollar short. At one time this was a money fight, but now can barely draw enough change to buy a case a beer for the event. Sorry UFC, you missed the boat on this fight.

Now I know that it wasn't necessarily the UFC's fault this fight is just now happening instead of 2008, but the UFC's push to make this a significant fight is as ridiculous as Thales Letes getting another title shot. Make the fight happen, but don't use it to draw fans to order the fight, because fans who don't know better, may be turning off their television sets disappointed in what the "co-main event" had to offer.

If your a fact guy, then let's look at the facts. Matt Hughes has lost three of his last four fights and all the losses were pretty dominant losses at the hands of Thiago Alves and GSP (twice).  He's 36-years-old and definitely looks to have lost a step in the octagon. 

Hughes never full evolved into the type of fighters that are competing in the top tiers of the UFC now, his wrestling, strength, and ground and pound were just very good and that no longer cuts it these days. Matt, your on your way out the door, leaving behind a HOF career. Do you really want it to end at the hands of Matt Serra?

That brings us to the other combatant, Matt Serra. He's 2-2 in his last four fights, with the wins against GSP and Chris Lytle to earn the title shot back in 2007. Yep, his most and only significant win happened over two years ago already. Serra, 38, hasn't fought in over a year and is coming off major surgery. Serra is also not known as a KO artist and 8 of his 9 wins have been either submissions or decisions.

So just to make sure I have this straight. A 36-year-old wrestler is going to fight a 38 year old submission fighter with the combined record of these fighters in thier last eight fights is 3-5 with neither of these fighters even close to getting back into the title picture? Yep, sounds like I have it right.

Don't get me completely wrong, I'm not against having the fight. These two don't like each other and I'm guessing that is the reason this fight is getting the billing it's getting. Just don't feed me spam and tell me it's steak. 

Serra and Hughes had their time at the top spot, let's put another fight as the co-main event. Sean Sherk vs. Frankie Edgar is a great fight for that bill, but as long as the UFC is still in the business to try and sell tickets to the casual fan and not a hardcore one like myself, we won't see that as the case.