The Dynasty Manifesto: Game Over, Hardy Quits...WWE Delivers a Backlash

AkDSenior Writer IApril 27, 2009

Christian vs Jack Swagger (ECW Title)

How many people were behind Christian?

I had a feeling about the match, but I kept watching nonetheless. Jack Swagger was handling Christian as usual, just tossing him around like a sack of potatoes.

He went as far as trying to German suplex Christian to the floor.

Unfortunately...and fortunately, Christian managed to hit the unprettier on Swagger after he bounced off an exposed turnbuckle, which Christian took off when the ref's back was turned.

Christian fans everywhere can rejoice.

People were rolling on the floor and praising Christian-ism as their prophet has finally won a world title.

Can you guys be satisfied now?

Probably not, but the Christian heads should be content for the time being.

Oh yeah, I bet millions were drooling over the Edge and Christian segment.


Steamboat's Performance

He did it at WrestleMania, and he did it again at Backlash...Steamboat still has it.

He put on a great match against Chris Jericho. He did a huge suplex on Jericho off the top rope which was well executed.

He did everything pretty much great except for a figure four like submission he put Jericho in after he reversed the first walls of Jericho. Steamboat got some hang time as he hit a huge cross body on Y2J.

The match was enjoyable and it showed that Steamboat's WrestleMania XXV performance was no fluke.

Heads turned as Steamboat survived a massive codebreaker by putting his leg on the rope. Jericho won by submission after he locked in a second walls of Jericho on Steamboat.


I Quit Match

Maybe I was naive, but I thought Matt Hardy could have pulled this one out...I wanted him to as it would have been real beneficial for him.

Well, Jeff Hardy won and Matt Hardy said the words, "I quit."

The match climaxed with Jeff duct taping Matt to a table and climbing a ladder getting ready to jump off.

Matt apologized and said their parents woudn't want it to go this far.

He tried everything he could to prevent Jeff from jumping off, even promising to be the Hardy Boyz again, but Jeff was hell bent on jumping.

Matt Hardy chickened out and said the words to give Jeff the victory.

Though Matt lost, there is an upside.

Everyone who wrote those "insider" articles about Jeff Hardy losing because he's leaving the WWE can now go back and delete them.

This is what happens when you don't listen fellas.

Next time you decide to write on of those "pieces" make sure that you view this first.


Orton's Redemption

First Christian gets "his" and so has Orton.

To be honest, I had a vision of Triple H retaining the title...nothing more... nothing less.

Well, well what can be said here?

Ryan Michael better delete that "Orton is going to lose, save your money" article.

Priceless actually looked decent out there, and I was laughing at Shane the entire time—he really didn't need to be out there, but neither did Batista.

Speaking of muscle head, I guess the world can thank him for helping Orton get his WWE title.

Not only did Orton insult Batista with a hilarious and truthful promo before the match, but he proved how useless the "animal" was.

"It's amazing after all these years it's still all about the least for some people". —Orton owning Batista before the match.

Batista brought in a chair prompting Triple H to question his actions. This would result in Legacy getting the upper hand once more as Batista was disposed of and Orton RKO'ed Trips.

He got a two count, but the punt sealed the deal.

Ladies, gents, and B/R writers, welcome to the Age of Orton: Reloaded.

I'm thrilled Trips is least for now.

The Game was carried out with a neck brace via stretcher.

Is muscle head next in line?


The Last Man Standing

As sick as I am of these two, there is no denying they put on a show at Backlash.

Edge and John Cena met in another epic clash. After all the pain they put each other through...only one would stand tall.

Finishers, steel steps, and pretty much everything.

The world was shocked when Big Show came and choke slammed John Cena resulting in him being unable to answer the ten count.

I was shocked as I wondered why Big Show helped Edge win the strap.

The good news is that SD! has their title back and Cena has been destroyed.


Rest of the Show

-CM Punk lost to Kane (Who the hell cares?!)

-Santina defeats Beth Phoenix and declares her love for Jim Ross to escape the Khlai Kiss Cam.

Another slap in the face to the Women's division.

Way to go WWE.

-Both John Cena and Triple H were destroyed and left Backlash title-less. Hallelujah




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